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  1. 🛠 6/13 Lightning Build Week Group

    We have Folsom, Sac, FarNorCal, Fairfield that I know of
  2. 🛠 6/13 Lightning Build Week Group

    There is like 6 of us in 6/13 group in Nor Cal with XLT SR Bed Liners. All are close but nothing shipped yet that we can tell.
  3. 3rd wave people - XLT vs Wait for Pro

    I was too until I came to the realization I could: 1) Buy the XLT SR right now OR 2) Be waiting until 2023 or 2024 for the pro and get 0 tax incentive. Too much unknow & I want a truck in 2022. Also, buying a EV for 50K is still VERY cheap honestly... Let alone a TRUCK! Any EV with 230 miles...
  4. 3rd wave people - XLT vs Wait for Pro

    I bought the XLT SR in Wave 3 because I can take advantage of my State (CA) & Fed tax incentive to offset the cost. Otherwise I would have waited for the PRO. I can get 7500 Fed and like 2000 state and another 1000 local rebate if I buy the XLT
  5. Usually get refund. How should i prepare for EV credit?

    SO my line 24 shows about $12,000 in 2021. Does that mean if I get my Lightning in 2022 that I can reduce that # by 7500? So line 24 would then read 4500?
  6. Wave 3 Feb 3rd ~ XLT SR

    I was happy with the PRO so after realizing cost and tax savings, I am happy with the XLT basic setup with a spray in. I didn't add anything on. I use my truck 95% of the time for a daily driver 5 miles back and forth to work.
  7. ? 3rd Wave (2/3/22) Lightning Ordering Now Open!

    Today my Wave 3 order of my XLT SR showed 24 weeks
  8. Lightning production expected to be 1,000 trucks a week starting mid-March with Job1

    Wave 3 order here, XLT SR said 24 weeks when I placed my order today FWIW
  9. Wave 3 Feb 3rd ~ XLT SR

    Exactly LOL ~ It STILL is a FAIR value for a EV truck honestly. Its just not a Crazy great deal like the Pro. The extras are nice. I looked into getting something else & realized I was going to spend $45K+ MIN for any truck no matter what. This was spending 54K and getting $7500 Tax rebate +...
  10. ? 3rd Wave (2/3/22) Lightning Ordering Now Open!

    I just ordered a XLT SR WAVE 3 - No mark up. $500 deposit paid + $100 initial for reservation. YAY Grats to others on this WAVE 3 day.
  11. Wave 3 Feb 3rd ~ XLT SR

    I just got my email for Wave 3 and WAS able to order a XLT SR today. SUPER EXCITED
  12. ? 3rd Wave (2/3/22) Lightning Ordering Now Open!

    Yea, last few waves people were able to order after NOON PST so 2 1/2 hours from now & emails came out shortly thereafter. I'm going to start checking around Noon.
  13. Wave 3

    We think wave 3 is tomorrow & Yes, the Pro appears to be sold out for 2022.
  14. Wave 3 Tomorrow 2/3/22 ~ Noon PST???

    If the XLT SR is available I MAY get it but I am leaning towards extending... If I am in Wave 3 that is
  15. Wave 3 Tomorrow 2/3/22 ~ Noon PST???

    I was hoping someone would have access & be able to give us some insight on what is "Sold Out" ie: PRO
  16. Wave 3 Tomorrow 2/3/22 ~ Noon PST???

    If the current trend continues, people may be able to access the order banks tomorrow. Is there ANYONE who still has not ordered that has access to the order bank from Wave 1 or Wave 2? Curious what the site looks like today as they prepare for the next wave.
  17. Dealer Allocation

    My Nor CA dealer claims they are receiving 10 for MY2022. I am 8th on the list out of 150+ They had 0 in Wave 1 They had 3 in Wave 2 We will see how wave 3 plays out on Thursday.