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  1. F-150 Lightning Official EPA Range MPGe Revealed in Window Sticker (Base + Extended Range)!

    Totally agree. To add to this, do you think Ford has even built any standard range packs yet? All I have seen and heard of is the extended range versions on all the dummy trucks. Maybe they haven't even done an official EPA test on it yet. I'm hoping my standard can get closer to 250
  2. Lightning vs R1T - Timing and cost

    My dealer called me and said that I could easily sell my XLT base for $15-20k more than I pay for it.. Based on demand and what's happening with Bronco that doesn't surprise me. I do want to keep the lightning though so its a tough call. Hopefully it holds great value for awhile
  3. Lightning vs R1T - Timing and cost

    I am in the same boat. I have a base XLT lightning coming in June (may production) .. My R1T is on for early 2023. (base model for $67.5k.. which will be worth $82k) Now I need to decide which one to sell for a profit and which one to keep. Going to claim tax credits in back to back years so...
  4. F-150 Lightning eSourceBook – 146 Pages of Info!

    Damnit you might be right. Once you have the feature its hard to imagine going back. I always forget to lock my wifes SUV when i drive it.
  5. F-150 Lightning eSourceBook – 146 Pages of Info!

    I learned a few things - Apparently your key fob will auto lock/unlock? Love this feature in my bolt as I can keep my keys in pocket at all times.. Here is what is says under standard pro features: "Door locks — power with flip key and integrated key transmitter keyless entry (incl. autolock)"...
  6. Wave 3 Feb 3rd ~ XLT SR

    At this point if you can get an XLT SR with the $7500 tax credit then its a no brainer. That tax credit will probably be half gone before the next tiny batch of pros are released.
  7. 2022 Lightning Pro sold out [update: confirmed]

    There are commenters on his youtube channel saying that the XLT base model is also sold out
  8. 2022 Lightning Pro sold out [update: confirmed]

    To me the painted bumpers, light bar, exterior lighting, interior work surface, exterior keypad are worth at least $3k The 360 camera is worth another $1k to me. Plus I get a guarantee $7500 rebate. Plus everything you listed above. Honestly XLT is not a bad deal. It's an amazing deal...
  9. 2022 Lightning Pro sold out [update: confirmed]

    Here's the thing: It really sucks that Ford messed with our heads and made us believe the Pro would be an option. If they would have said that the Lighting starts with an XLT $53k I would have been a lot more pumped about the truck I just ordered. Still a little bummed, but compared to any...
  10. ? Lightning Ordering WAVE 2 Emails Are Out!

    Ordered an XLT. Will add it now. My dealer said that they only got 6 in wave 2. Dealer is 500+ reservations in LA and he also said they are only getting 22 for all of 2022. I don't believe Ford will be making more than 15k of these things this year
  11. 2022 Lightning Pro sold out [update: confirmed]

    Does anyone know if I could make an XLT order but then change it to a Pro if availability changes at any point?
  12. 2022 Lightning Pro sold out [update: confirmed]

    I agree, but if it takes me a full year from now to get a Pro and I can't get any (or very little) of the tax credits then that is actually more like $5k more
  13. 2022 Lightning Pro sold out [update: confirmed]

    Agreed. Pretty frustrating. I'd just like to know how long it would take if I delay my order for pro, or if I should just bite the bullet and go base XLT (plus get the full $7500 for sure)
  14. 2022 Lightning Pro sold out [update: confirmed]

    Sounds like ford made even less than 500. Updated with confirmation:
  15. Ford Updating Wave 2 Invitations?

    Hope so! Can someone else verify if it works for all reservations or just ones in wave 2?
  16. Ford Updating Wave 2 Invitations?

    What is the backdoor tracker? I put my reservation number in and I now see the same thing that says "Its time to order your new lightning" I will be so fired up if I can order this week (Ordered less than 5 mins after opening)
  17. Where to order F-150 Lightning PRO in Northern California?

    Wait do you not have a reservation? Without one I would guess 3 years minimum to get a pro
  18. Lightning WAVE 2 Emails Coming 1/19 For Ordering on 1/20 – Per Ford Customer Service

    To add on this - if there are around 200,000 reservations then that would equal almost 100 on average per dealer. So around 7 orders per dealer if that dealer has 100. So the math would work out that a dealer with 200 reservations would get 14 trucks and a dealer with 15 reservations gets 1...