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Search results

  1. Will the MY23 standard range trucks qualify for tax credit after 1/1/23?

    I have to imagine there are a lot of other MY23 wave 1,2&3 order holders wondering will they or won't they qualify for a full or half credit if kept below $80k? I can't imagine they are changing much about the batteries in the next few months. Where are they currently built? I know there's an...
  2. Standard Range Fee for activating Home Backup

    Last night during the charging live stream our buddy mentioned an undisclosed activation fee to enable the standard range battery to do the Home Backup. Does any one have any more info on this? It doesn’t seem to apply to the extended range vehicles. The fee is on top of also having to purchase...
  3. 12/6/21 Lightning live stream postponed

    Was looking for todays livestream only to find it’s been postponed. Perhaps due to unwanted leaks like last time ?
  4. 5G Capability in F150 Lightning

    I just saw this article stating that the F150 Lightning will be 5G capable, I had previously heard only about 4G. https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/att-5g-ford-f150-lightning-connectivity/ This makes sense but the only thing in the article that has me weary is a picture of an ICE F150 that...