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Search results

  1. Video: Seattle to Denver with a 5,000 pound trailer/car combo towed by F150 Lightning Lariat!

    @Mods: please delete if we're out of line posting this here (just ping me so I know not to do it again!) - or I'll delete this line if you're happy with the post! We've just pushed episode 1 of our four-episode road-trip video from Seattle, Washington to Denver, Colorado, towing a 1994 Subaru...
  2. Accessing 12V for powered tonneau

    Hi folks. So we have a Retrax Powertrax tonneau and it comes with a 12V tap for the 12V battery. I’ve never been a fan of taking things directly from the battery and instead like to go through the stock fuse box. Except when I accessed it under the hood, I’m not 100% sure how to access the...
  3. Home Assistant + HACS + Ford Pass Ha + Siri.

    Oh yeah… Contemplating a video on this over at Transport Evolved… also works with our Chevy Bolt using a different integration!
  4. How to Fix BlueCruise Refusing To Enter Hands-Free Mode

    Having driven some 1500 miles in two days, we used quite a lot of BlueCruise on I84 and wow it reduces stress! The only big issue is if you're heading into low sun at the end of the day - then the truck gets a little nervous about going hands-free (but still does the majority of work. You just...