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Search results

  1. MY23 Lariat ER comes with chrome bumpers?

    I just went through my updated order after having the onboard scales and smart hitch removed and noticed this: Anyone have any insight on if we are receiving color matched bumpers like the MY22 or is this something I'm going to start researching now to try and get it resolved? Maybe if...
  2. Moved to 2023 Model Year

    Received an email from my dealer yesterday that my wave 4 order placed on 2/24/22 has been moved to 2023. Any insight if the MY22 orders pushed to MY23 will be first in line to receive build dates, or could we expect Ford to fill out the later orders first again?
  3. are MY22 being converted to MY23 orders by the end of August

    My dealer responded back with this after I asked if there were any updates on my unscheduled order: "At this time Ford has given us no updates regarding your order. However they have notified us that by the end of August they may begin to convert some of them to 2023 if they haven't been...
  4. Next Batch for Scheduling

    Anyone know when the next round of Build Weeks is going to be scheduled. I know its all speculation but worth a try.
  5. First Order Date for MY23 Orders?

    Sorry if this has been asked but when am I able to reserve a 2023?
  6. does a lower priority code number from dealer get your truck built sooner?

    Im code 11 and was on the phone with Ford, lady had mentioned if my code is a lower number, the truck will get built sooner. Is that something dealers can change on the fly?
  7. Uptick in SunRun emails just before receiving build date?

    Anyone notice an uptick of Sun Run emails right before they were given a build date. Im still waiting for mine, but over the passed week I have started to receive more Sun Run emails regarding the F150 Lightning. Just wanted to see if anyone knows if this is an indication of approaching a build date
  8. delete

  9. Sound right? Electrician recommended 40A with UF 8/3 outdoor wire to be buried under my concrete

    My electrician recommended 40A with UF 8/3 outdoor wire to be buried under my concrete. Does that sound right?
  10. Waves 1-6 still waiting for production date

    My order was placed on 2/17/22 and I have been patiently waiting ever since. I am wave 4 Lariat ER and am up to "order accepted by dealer". Any wave 4s get build dates yet?
  11. F150 Lightning interior material

    From the videoes circulating, it seems like the dashboard and door panels are a canvas material as opposed to leather. Ive seen only pre production models so not sure if thats what we could expect. Anyone have any info on this?
  12. Modifying my Lightning order

    I had placed an order on 2/17 for the Lightning Lariat edition. On the ford website, the "order placed" and "order accepted by dealer" are both checked off, just waiting for a production date. Not sure which wave I am, maybe theres a way to check? Anyway, I called my dealer to inquire about...