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Search results

  1. Primacy XCs on Pro reviews?

    So the 2022 Lightning Pro comes with the Michelin Primacy XC. Quite a few bad reviews of those tires on michelin's site that they have sub-par traction in wet, perform badly when cold, and are essentially unusable in actual snow. This sounds like a great reason to get a set of Blizzaks for...
  2. Trailer Camera?

    The Lightning owner's manual 360-Camera section mentions the ability to select a "Trailer AUX" camera but says its an add-on accessory. Does anybody have more information of what and how to buy the trailer camera? Looks like the Pro I am going to end up getting will have the 360 Camera package...
  3. Minnesota Just walked away from this Red 2022 Lariat ER at $91,244

    Dealer emailed me and said they want to sell to somebody in Minnesota, but I am not looking for an optioned-up Lariat. However, sticker + only $10k is a pretty good price, so those from MN might want to look into it...
  4. Want 4000 lb payload? Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab

    For those who really need a heavier payload electric truck, one option a lot of people might not be aware of is the Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab. Its just the Cab portion of Ford's electric van. Intended to have a custom body added to it like a Box Truck or Flatbed. Over 4000 lbs of...