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Search results

  1. According to my math Ford has 2 hours left to keep their PAAK promise .

    Enjoy that fun clickbaity title , but we have 2 hours left of Summer on the East Coast and I can promise you that my truck does not have phone as a key yet. https://www.theverge.com/2022/5/19/23131268/ford-f-150-lightning-truck-phone-as-key-delay On the bright side of things, if this was an...
  2. Does your lightning have these issues ?

    Does your lightning have the bent middle speaker grill or the plastic coming off one or both running boards ? See photos
  3. Would a 2 wheel drive mode be more efficient?

    I saw this post on Facebook , and even though Facebook groups are mainly filled with junk or reposts from here , I thought this would be fun to share because we have many knowledgeable people here . His question posted below . I’d follow up with , would this be possible with a software...
  4. BlueCruise Infrared flashes while charging

    I just noticed tonight for the first time that the blue cruise infrared flashes randomly at night while charging . Truck is locked and off . Check out this screen grab . Has anyone else noticed this ? I was hoping it might indicate a power up update. Edit: I’ve noticed other members have...
  5. 1 Day Later . Another Ford PowerUp update 3.3.1 8/5/2022

    Just received another Ford PowerUp update . They aren’t messing around. That’s two in two days . Here are the release notes . Nothing much compared to 3.2 … Will check the truck to see if I notice anything in the menus .
  6. Ford PowerUp 3.2 Software Update 8/4/22

    Just received the next update . Revision list below.
  7. Poll - If you have your charge station pro installed is it working correctly ?

    For anyone who has the charge station pro completely installed and synced with the ford pass app , are you able to reliably charge without getting errors in the ford pass message center? ( please check FordPass message center before answering because you can get errors there and still have your...
  8. Owners - Do you drive in one pedal mode or traditional ?

    I’m new to EVs but I’ve been driving f150s since a teenager . We rented teslas during vacations recently to get used to one pedal mode. I personally love it and I only have an issue when I jump into one of my super duty work trucks and have to forget my newly learned muscle memory . So I’m...
  9. Anyone actually subscribing to ford streaming ?

    I’m just wondering if anyone is actually going to subscribe to ford streaming ? I can’t find a use case for it at all unless you didn’t previously subscribe to any music streaming service . As I understand it , Alexa will still work for all the truck related features without the streaming...
  10. What percentage should I charge my battery to daily using the Ford Charge Station Pro?

    For the past three weeks I've been using a 350KWH DC Fast Charger with EA and today my Ford Charge Station Pro was installed . . So I've been reading a lot here on everyone's different thoughts on charging limits, but the default settings on the Lightning are 90% when using a DC Fast charger...
  11. Should I Install Charge Station Pro inside or outside ?

    My electrician is installing my charge station pro tomorrow and I’m having trouble deciding if I should install it outside my garage or inside. In either situation the distance from the fuse box and electric meter run will be exactly the same . My truck doesn’t fit in my garage but if I install...
  12. How to watch YouTube / HBO Max / Netflix on your Lightning display screen

    For me , one of the most missed features of the lightning is the ability to stream entertainment while you are charging. I’m about to hit 1000 miles and I don’t have a charger at home since sunrun is holding mine hostage. Needless to say , I’ve done a bit of fast charging at electrify America...