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  1. 🛠 5/30 Lightning Build Week Group

    mine came down through Fort Wayne to Decatur, then detoured out to Mexico before circling back to Wentzville
  2. Did 600 miles towing an Airstream turn my Extended Range into a Standard Range?!

    I can't help with the range question, but I will agree that ford navigation is trash. It didn't even recognize my parents address for a home built in the 50's in the middle of an urban area. It also tried to route me on an 11 hour trip for what should have been 6 hours.
  3. Tips for selling my current ICE F-150

    We actually get 180 days and it's deducted when you request the title for your new vehicle. But then again, we also have a personal property tax each year on motor vehicles, so they end up getting us that way....
  4. Tips for selling my current ICE F-150

    Sometimes I feel like we're competing with Florida to be the worst state, so I'll take a win! We store the family's boat on the Arkansas side of Table Rock Lake, so I won't bash AR
  5. Tips for selling my current ICE F-150

    In Missouri you get the tax benefit whether it’s a dealer trade or a private party sale.
  6. Tips for selling my current ICE F-150

    I actually ended up selling through Facebook Marketplace. Local guy messaged me, older gentleman. He used the same bank as me, so we met at the bank, he wrote a check and the bank immediately cleared it. I got about $2300 over Carmax and $3500 over dealer trade
  7. PRO Model - No Heat from Vents

    My understanding is that even with the E-heat activated, it will automatically kick over to using recaptured heat from the battery once enough is available. I plan on turning it on once it starts getting colder here so my truck can precondition with E-heat when plugged in, no range effect in...
  8. PRO Model - No Heat from Vents

    I found it by accident on my Pro. Press the button next to the auto fan button that pulls up the climate options.
  9. PRO Model - No Heat from Vents

    Did you turn on the "E-heat" setting in the climate control window? If it's not activated, the vehicle will only use heat from the battery and motors to heat the cabin. You have to activate E-heater to enable the resistive heating element
  10. Pro & XLT trims closed already??? (As of 9/8/2022)

    I mean, there's also the complicating factor that even when you "ordered" a truck, you didn't really order it. The dealer ordered it, was invoiced for it, and then sold it to you. The reservation was just to get placed onto a list with a dealer, not to actually order direct from Ford. Ford...
  11. So Cal dealer, DCH FORD, Thousand Oaks, Ca now wants ADM.

    Maybe someone else will correct me, since I didn't go through the entire online checkout process (my trade situation was weird) BUT I got most of the way through, and it was using whatever was listed on the Ford.com order as the price. My understanding is you could checkout on Ford's website...
  12. So Cal dealer, DCH FORD, Thousand Oaks, Ca now wants ADM.

    Does your online order show ADM in the "Difference from MSRP" line item? If not, you may consider waiting until the truck arrives and completing the purchase directly through the Ford website; it uses whatever is recorded on the website as the final price; if the dealer is planning on adding...
  13. 🛠 5/30 Lightning Build Week Group

    it did, the convoy was just taking it from one ramp to another. I wound up on a Norfolk Southern car
  14. Lectron Charger Deals

    So, I’ve had the breaker trip twice now when first plugging in. Trying to figure out if it’s a bad breaker or if the charger is pulling more than it should; I’ve never seen it show more than 39.5A on the screen and I’m on a 50A breaker.
  15. My Lightning Pro SR road trip

    Thought I’d share my results since I haven’t seen a lot of Pro road trip logs. St. Louis to Cincinnati round trip. Roughly 800 miles total. Pro SR with Max Tow, TT, and a Tyger Auto trifold tonnea. Trip out: three charging stops at EA stations in Effingham, Terre haute, Indianapolis...
  16. Driving into the Kansas charging abyss this weekend

    According to plugshare there are a fair number of campgrounds with 14-50 outlets, as an emergency resort, along your route.
  17. Has anyone road tripped in an SR yet?

    I've seen a lot of road trip reviews for really long trips, but all seem to be ER models. I am getting ready to take my SR on a 700 mile round trip from STL to Cincinnati, and just curious if anyone has used their SR for long trips and if they've encountered any issues. Only area that looks...
  18. Lectron Charger Deals

    Just thought I'd follow up on this; the Lectron charger has been working great with my Lightning Pro. Chargers at 39.5A (listed at 40) and haven't had any issues where the charging cable or anything felt like it was getting hot.
  19. 🛠 5/30 Lightning Build Week Group

    Picked it up about an hour ago! Super easy, no attempt to mark truck up. They found out my charge port it a little loose during PDI, already ordered replacement. Getting ready to take family for a ride! Pics later