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Search results

  1. Vehicle will charge outside of preferred times

    Why @Ford Motor Company … just why. 7:30pm. In the middle of a CA flex-alert and $0.66/kwh PEAK rates. Plug in the truck (21%) to charge at the set 12am-6am window, and it starts pulling 11kwh immediately. “Vehicle will charge outside preferred Charge Time Sep 04, 2022, 07:23 PM...
  2. Tesla Wall Connector + TeslaTap Mini 60A J-1772 Adapter not working

    Just picked up the truck - amazing! However I quickly discovered that the teslatap adapter connected to the Tesla wall connector is not working :/. 60 AMP MINI J-1772 adapter It does not seem to fit snugly enough. I need to apply pressure to allow it to charge. If I release the pressure it...