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Search results

  1. ⏰ F-150 Lightning Scheduling This Week (9/19) For Build Week 10/31

    Wave 3 ordered 9/7 (accepted by dealer 9/8) Lariat ER, no scheduled date yet.
  2. MY23 wave 3 invites by reservation date

    5/19 about 60 seconds into the presentation. Got email at 7:34 PM Mountain 5/19.
  3. Any Wave 3 MY2023 Lightning order invites yet ?

    Got my order (Lariat ER) in yesterday and dealer accepted this morning. They said they had 25 customers invited to convert yesterday. I was #7 of 451, and they got 5 MY22, with one Pro deferral that got to submit order a couple weeks ago for MY23. Anyone have a guess on when we'll see 10/10/22...
  4. Any Wave 3 MY2023 Lightning order invites yet ?

    Got text too. Messaged my sales manager and they hadn't heard anything about it, but one of their people got same text. Ford.com page still looks the same.
  5. Wave 7 Orders & Allocations --Phone Call from Dealer

    My dealer in CO just said they won't get a Wave 7 since they filled their allocation. Only if a customer backed out or didn't make a decision. I'm next in line for any MY22, and second for MY23, and I want a Lariat so was hoping to have good news from them. Dealer said their mannequin is...