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Search results

  1. Gloss black 20" wheels on my Lightning Lariat with stock AT tires, tints, AMP Power Steps

    You can mod power steps!? Do they function like oem ones?
  2. Can I drive the truck using just the passcode?

    I remember hearing something about this. Say I want to bring the truck to go swimming, and dont want to bring a set of keys out on the water or leave them unguarded at the beach. To drive the vehicle with just a password would be nice.
  3. 🛠 5/23 Lightning Build Week Group

    I have seen so many pictures of this truck, but seeing it in person took my breath away. So beautiful. I love this thing! Delivered today Aug 15. @TaxmanHog thank you for tracking our journies, it is in my driveway and I couldnt be happier. Life is good.
  4. (WTF) No Drain Plug in Mega Power Frunk!?

    Yeah its gotta be intentional. 1. Idiot puts ice in frunk. 2. Frunk gets couple inches of water. 3. Idiot starts car and takes a turn. 4. ????? 5. Water into outlet
  5. NW deliveries

    My truck got off the train. It will now be transported via truck. I would like to know if United Road will be the company that ford will use, or if there is another company contracted with Ford that will transport my truck.
  6. NW deliveries

    Any other convoy companies in the PNW that Ford uses? United road website not working on my phone.
  7. NW deliveries

    My truck is gps tracking at portland terminal 6. I wonder how long it will stay there, and if it will be going up to seattle by rail or by convoy.
  8. 3.8sec 0-60mph for Lightning Lariat Extended Range in Motortrend test review

    Well for starters, they should cut the front axle power by just enough to stop it from skidding/torque steering every time someone launches it. Everytime i hear people say "wow the tires are losing traction even at 50mph because its so fast!" i roll my eyes.
  9. 🛠 5/23 Lightning Build Week Group

    After a month in Built status i finally got the email at 2am this morning that the vehicle has shipped. @TaxmanHog
  10. 🛠 4/18 Lightning Build Week Group

    Greetings @Labs4Lightning This is your dealer speaking. Unfortunately, we will not have the replacement tire in stock yet tommorow due to the chip shortage. We estimate another few weeks. Our technicians may add some miles to your vehicle for testing. Your truck will remain in our holding lot...
  11. 🛠 5/23 Lightning Build Week Group

    Truck has been "built" for nearly a month, no ship yet. This is so annoying.
  12. 🛠 5/23 Lightning Build Week Group

    Its so hard seeing people spend 1 day in the built phase then ship, when I'm on day 16 of being built. The thing just sits in the parking lot. While new lightnings go right from built then into a railcar.
  13. Thread for people who haven’t got their Lightning yet to be grumpy in

    If I recall correctly, it only updates location when the vehicle is on. Doesn't ping again until its turned on again.
  14. Thread for people who haven’t got their Lightning yet to be grumpy in

    Is there any chance my trucks gps says its in lot #3 but its actully in transit? My trucks been showing here for past 3 days
  15. 🛠 5/23 Lightning Build Week Group

    If the truck is loaded onto a carrier and moving between states, does it update its gps location to the app while the truck is turned off? Is it possible for the truck to show at the plant when its actually in transit? Since maybe that was just the last location where it was loaded onto a truck...
  16. 🛠 5/23 Lightning Build Week Group

    @Firestop There is a thread that discusses that exact topic. And last time i checked it was dozens of pages long. I'd go try and find it if i were you. No disrespect! Its just not a simple answer. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/installed-transfer-switch-in-house.1267/
  17. 🛠 5/23 Lightning Build Week Group

    @TaxmanHog Built 6/29/22 estimated July 30 - Aug 5 my window sticker is still not fetching though.
  18. Delivery and first thoughts

    Does ford give you 1 key or 2 keys? If its one key for the truck im wondering how much it costs to buy a 2nd.
  19. 🛠 4/18 Lightning Build Week Group

    @robert5090 im very sorry to say we've discovered your truck was missing its hood latch and its back left tire sensor. Please return your truck immediately to the nearest railyard for shipment back to dearborn.