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  1. Sell Lightning and go back to gas pickup?

    Can never go back after you get used to that linear torque . It’s the stuff dreams are made of .
  2. Lightning AMA on Reddit

    I wish the press release was more specific about this as this same question is asked in the MME forum . Every answer so far has been ambiguous
  3. Lightning AMA on Reddit

    Can someone ask if the 2022s are capable of bluecruise 1.2 without an hardware upgrade and is there a plan to eventually roll it out to that model year?
  4. According to my math Ford has 2 hours left to keep their PAAK promise .

    Enjoy that fun clickbaity title , but we have 2 hours left of Summer on the East Coast and I can promise you that my truck does not have phone as a key yet. https://www.theverge.com/2022/5/19/23131268/ford-f-150-lightning-truck-phone-as-key-delay On the bright side of things, if this was an...
  5. Hedging Decreasing Trade Value (and increased repair costs)

    I think you would have to be an incredible wheeler /dealer to trade your current truck in for a used truck for just a few months and not lose equity/money off the trade as the newer one may depreciate at the same rate and you have to cover all of the fees. For me, just thinking about trying to...
  6. FCSP - unable to connect to CSP wifi

    The only other thing is you need to get to this screen on the charge station pro app and then make sure you are extremely close to the charger before you enter the password after it finds the charger . There are other ways to prompt the password dialogue , but it only connects at the screen...
  7. Gloss black 20" wheels on my Lightning Lariat with stock AT tires, tints, AMP Power Steps

    If I can ask , how much were the power steps and what did the install cost ? The one thing I miss from my platinum ice. Btw , all these mods look great and I’m not a mod guy
  8. FCSP - unable to connect to CSP wifi

    Just asking .. you are using the charge station pro setup app and not ford pass app to connect to the charger to set it up , correct ? We had another member here not be able to setup his charger for weeks because he wasn’t using the right app .
  9. Lightnings are like EV Ninjas, especially in HOV lanes

    You learn something new everyday . I’ve driven the Staten Island expressway 4 times in the HOV lane by myself including just last week as I assumed the clean pass stickers ( which off topic are ugly as hell and I understand why lots of Tesla drivers just don’t put them on ) had me covered ...
  10. Lightnings are like EV Ninjas, especially in HOV lanes

    Two questions - do you have a clean pass sticker for your truck ? Because you do need one to drive in the HOV lane. Why were you backing into a charging spot ? At the electrify America stations on Long Island the cable isn’t long enough.
  11. Does your lightning have these issues ?

    Also only passenger side for me .
  12. Ford Lightning Teardown by Munroe and Associates coming in October

    Almost clickbait because I’ve been waiting for the tear down and thought this would be the post that had a link to it being up !
  13. Does your lightning have these issues ?

    Does your lightning have the bent middle speaker grill or the plastic coming off one or both running boards ? See photos
  14. Psyma Survey for Ford. Real? Or Fake?

    The survey is absolutely real. It’s a simple market study that was sent to me via an email that only Ford would have . All questions are innocuous and the tango card they email is the icing on top here as that is the common method these surveys pay out . The only crazy thing is that for is...
  15. Ford adding automatic lane changes to next version of BlueCruise (version 1.2) in MY2023 vehicles

    Wondering if anyone would pay for this feature ? It’s worth maybe $300-400 for me as a software upgrade . I’d rather just have automatic side cameras engaged on the screen when I put my blinker on though.
  16. Would a 2 wheel drive mode be more efficient?

    I saw this post on Facebook , and even though Facebook groups are mainly filled with junk or reposts from here , I thought this would be fun to share because we have many knowledgeable people here . His question posted below . I’d follow up with , would this be possible with a software...
  17. OTA 3.5.2

    Just wanted to share that trucks with earlier build dates (Mine was 5/19) will not have PAAK enabled on the 3.5.2 update. A following update (though not necessarily the next) that is expected to occur within a month will enable PAAK for the earlier builds. There is no reason to attempt...
  18. OTA 3.5.2

    I never received 3.4 and I just got this update.
  19. Charge Station Pro Problems

    Glad you got it up and running. Give it a week and the update will just happen
  20. BlueCruise Infrared flashes while charging

    I just noticed tonight for the first time that the blue cruise infrared flashes randomly at night while charging . Truck is locked and off . Check out this screen grab . Has anyone else noticed this ? I was hoping it might indicate a power up update. Edit: I’ve noticed other members have...