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Search results

  1. Lightning winter preparations

    I don't think the question is the snow as much as the cold, I'm guessing the battery is pretty well sealed.
  2. Coupon to get 2022 pricing?

    The exact wording was in the email from Ford. I'll see if I can dig it up from my work email in a bit.
  3. Lightning winter preparations

    Exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks!
  4. Lightning winter preparations

    I was being facetious about the donuts, but I did read the manual. It mentions driving as a way to warm up the battery quite a few times.
  5. Lightning winter preparations

    I actually meant quite the opposite, will not warming the battery irreversibly reduce the range if done repeatedly. I'm glad to know it keeps itself above a critical temperature though, thank you for that. It helps keep the wheels in my head from spinning too fast. As for winter range...
  6. Lightning winter preparations

    I should have clarified perhaps, at what temperature do we start to cause damage if it was driven without prewarming. There are some days where I'm at work for 16 hours straight and the temperatures are sub zero at night. I guess I can just do donuts in the parking lot for a couple minutes to...
  7. Lightning winter preparations

    I'm posting this in the Great Lakes section because although I live in NY, the "Tri State Area" kind of refers to NYC and east/south (to most of us in Western NY at least) and they do not have the unique winter weather that I do in the western NY snowbelt area. Now that I have a build week, it...
  8. Gloss black 20" wheels on my Lightning Lariat with stock AT tires, tints, AMP Power Steps

    Looks sweet man! I want to do something similar on mine eventually.
  9. Just got production date

    I was also a priority code 19. I'm so confused how Ford is picking these orders....I was fully expecting to refresh the order page for a full year till I got a build week based upon the order estimate when I placed it
  10. 2023 Pro Production

    I wanted pretty much the same thing. With the tax credit possibly not being in play I had to think long and hard about whether the extras would be worth the I removed it from my order if that changes anything for your thought process.
  11. 2023 Pro Production

    Last night I got mine too, bare bones Pro.
  12. 🛠 10/24 Lightning Build Week Group (MY2023)

    I just got my build week last night, some time between 1am and 1 minute ago when I checked. I've neurotically checked for a build date since I placed the order and now that I have one I feel...sad in a way I guess? So many people are still waiting on theirs that I'm feeling odd that I got one.
  13. EVSE / Charger Installation Cost Sanity Check

    Unless you have some really weird way you have to run the wire or mount the boxes, it seems a little excessive. Did you get a few quotes or just one?
  14. Buying reasons importance hierarchy ranking -- what's yours?

    Environment #1, Cost #2. Thats why the 40k Pro with the 7.5k rebate (plus 2k NYS) was so attractive to me. I could help the environment and save some money at the same time.
  15. Buying reasons importance hierarchy ranking -- what's yours?

    I'm in the minority here but I definitely bought the truck for the green aspect of it. I drive my truck as a car almost every day, I drive my truck as a truck probably 3x a week (amazing how many friends/parents/neighbors need stuff moved or picked up from Home Depot!) and I can't afford to own...
  16. Just got production date

    Fingers crossed for you!
  17. Just got production date

    I guess what I meant to say was if the scales delete is what is required to get a build date, I'll definitely be checking into whether or not it is actually removed on my order. An early build date with a hopeful production and delivery timeline might be worth a tax credit?
  18. Just got production date

    I just built one on the Ford page (base Pro with no options) and it shows the scales removed option. My salesperson will definitely be seeing my face today.
  19. Just got production date

    I have no options selected on mine, hoping that doesn't affect me. question though, doees your order on the Ford page have the "scales delete" listed? I called my dealer as soon as I saw your post because I know it doesn't show on my page and I didn't think it matters till now!
  20. Would a 2 wheel drive mode be more efficient?

    You are a Saint for putting up with it lol. I have done my fair share of explaining why you can't just drive the truck with a solar roof and call it a day. The phrase "orders of magnitude" gets thrown around a lot! I'm all for education, learning and understanding is how civilization grows...