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  1. Manual Transfer Switch sizing

    With 30A working for the Lightning, does it make sense to oversize a Manual Transfer Switch (say 50A) for a future proof install? If so, what do I do for the outlet/truck connection? Reading posts about the beta state of HIS (docs at least), and the need to free-up circuits for the FCSP 100A...
  2. Panel Replacement / Transfer Switch questions

    I have had this SIEMENS 30/40 Generator Ready Load Center stored in my barn for years to replace the non-Generator Ready version in my house. It is intended to use this SIEMENS Automatic Transfer Switch. Would this work with Pro Power, assuming 30amp plug input? On a related note; The GC I...
  3. EVSE Credit in IRA?

    I can't seem to find any mention of a tax credit for EVSE installs in the new IRA law just passed. DOes nayone know if it was included?
  4. Total Lightning Production and Delivery days trending downward (shortening)!

    Build Month Average of Total P & D Days Apr 71.09 May 50.33 Jun 44.53 Jul 20.75 From @TaxmanHog 's spreadsheet
  5. Pro as tractor replacement?

    For some of what I do on the farm I tow a simple implement. For other work an implement uses the PTO, and needs a 3 point hitch connection only because the PTO. In the rare case, an implement absolutely requires a 3 point hitch. And for some orchard work there are task specific vehicles that...
  6. Platform to level rear floor with storage folded

    Does anyone make a insert/platform to level the rear floor when the underseat storage is folded down? Need to place dog crates on it, and don't want them flopping around.
  7. Link to Ford Charger manuals

  8. Got build week, next step?

    I finally got a build week scheduled and am wondering what to expect next. I got my order code and VIN from my dealer. And I know in a few weeks I will see a window sticker. The multiple trackers still show it as ordered, as it is not in production. Other than the build week, is there...
  9. Railroad Profit-Making Strategy Comes at a Cost (A looming strike and struggles with a proposed merger)

    Oh crap! https://prospect.org/economy/railroad-profit-making-strategy-comes-at-a-cost/
  10. Production Milestone Cheat Sheet

    Below is a partial list of milestones after ordering (Please revise and update in a follow-up post): Scheduled For Production (ford.com/buy/manage) Build Week (?) VIN (via email) Window Sticker available (https://www.windowsticker.forddirect.com/windowsticker.pdf?vin=) Blend Day (?)...
  11. Today's % with a build date by Tow Package

    Tow Package % Total % w/Build Maximum Trailer Tow Package 22% 50% None 12% 41% Tow Technology Package 30% 55% Tow Technology Package, Maximum Trailer Tow Package 35% 68%
  12. Today's % with a build date by Battery

    Battery % Total % w/Build Extended Range 75% 60% Standard Range 25% 47%
  13. Today's % with a build date by Color

    Color % Total % w/Build Agate Black Metallic 9% 60% Antimatter Blue Metallic 17% 54% Atlas Blue Metallic 11% 60% Carbonized Gray Metallic 16% 51% Iced Blue Silver Metallic 13% 60% Iconic Silver Metallic 4% 55% Oxford White 3% 40% Rapid Red Metallic 8% 50% Smoked Quartz...
  14. Today's % with a build date by Trim

    Trim % Total % w/Build Lariat 67% 61% Platinum 10% 51% Pro 8% 49% XLT 15% 46%
  15. Today's % with a build date by Priority

    Priority % Total % w/Build Don't Know 40% 54% No 37% 60% Yes 22% 55%
  16. Today's % with a build date by Wave

    Wave % Total % w/Build Wave 1 32% 63% Wave 2 23% 63% Wave 3 25% 48% Wave 4 6% 56% Wave 5 3% 54% Wave 6 12% 46%
  17. Today's % with a build date by Reservation Month

    Res Month % Total % w/Build May 90% 60% Jun 3% 20% Jul 1% 71% Aug 1% 0% Sep 1% 0% Oct 1% 0% Nov 0% 50% Dec 1% 60%
  18. % Estimated Build Date correlation to other columns

    The following posts are % Estimated Build Date correlation to other columns from this mornings :Orders" spreadsheet.
  19. Installed ChargePoint Home Flex CPH50

    Instead of stressing over the delivery and installation of the FCSP after I get the Lightning, I intend to install the ChargePoint Home Flex CPH50 in a secondary location. Later I will have an electrician install the FCSP in the primary location, in preparation for a future install of the HIS...