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  1. ⏰ F-150 Lightning Scheduling This Week (9/19) For Build Week 10/31

    So happy to rejoin the forum again. I was so disappointed that I stopped logging in. Finally received my invite 9/7 and was dealer accepted same day. I went for an XLT SR since all Pros were sold out. On the same boat as many of you, not scheduled for production yet. Priority Code 10. Let see...
  2. Dealers Rejecting Lightning Reservation Transfers

    Yes, I was aware of the ZEV incentives the manufacturers receive. I had read about that from other posts on the site on various articles. Thank you for the suggestion about contacting legislation, that is an obvious answer, however not one that would have immediately helped resolve my issue...
  3. Dealers Rejecting Lightning Reservation Transfers

    I'm currently residing in Virginia, but I am originally from Florida. My post was about trying to transfer my reservation from a ZEV state (NJ in my case) in order to increase my chances and take the car back with me to base. No, the vehicle will not be going to Alabama or Vermont.
  4. Dealers Rejecting Lightning Reservation Transfers

    Thank you so much for posting this. This makes me very happy to hear, hopefully besides a cleaner air and reduced emissions effort we get more trucks sent here.
  5. Dealers Rejecting Lightning Reservation Transfers

    I don't think it's a smart decision by the dealer because of the message they are sending now. These are probably the same dealers that love to take out of state buyer's money when tons of trucks used to sit on the lot before. If Ford would have wanted this to be done this way with...
  6. Dealers Rejecting Lightning Reservation Transfers

    I hope it works out for you. This is such a mess, I can see why Ford now wants to take full control of their EV sales. It's crazy how challenging this has become.
  7. Dealers Rejecting Lightning Reservation Transfers

    Ford's push for more electric vehicles on the road is a national strategy not a state by state one. Currently the car market is upside down but at some point it should stabilize. Let's see what happens to those dealers that have to then rely mostly on local revenue and can't move additional...
  8. Dealers Rejecting Lightning Reservation Transfers

    *Just wanted to share my own personal experience with you all. Maybe this has happened to you or not, either way I wanted to bring awareness in case this applies to anyone here* My reservation was made on 5/30, I know I was late to the party and as such I have been bouncing around from one...
  9. Wave 5 Invites???

    Seems like this is a good dealer to move reservations to. At this point as long as it get before the end of 2023 I am still interested in this truck. Is this the Granger dealer in Iowa? For some reason there was mentioned to be in Minnesota but can't seem to confirm it. Please let me know, I...
  10. Get ready to charge your F-150 Lightning™ -- email link from Ford

    Completely agree. Even more upsetting is the fact that I see a "Pre Approval Certificate" to finance the truck. What's the point? Finance a vehicle that I can't even order or even know what kind of pricing it will have in 2023, 2024 or 2025. Still waiting for an invitation email.
  11. UPDATE: Lightning Build Date Scheduling Begins! Mine for the week of 4/25/22 [previously scheduled 5/2/22]!

    How does it affect your invitation to order if you were to switch dealers prior to ordering? If I understood your above post correctly you changed right before ordering correct? Do you or anyone here know how this works? I have a reservation with a dealer that's 25 hrs driving distance from...
  12. Pics of Iced Blue Silver Metallic -- on Mach-E (Shared Color w/ F-150 Lightning)

    This is awesome. Any chance of high quality photos like this of the Lightning in Carbonized Gray? The photos I've seen on this forum that popped up when I searched were not as detailed as these that were posted above.
  13. Late Reservation (May 29, 0106 time stamp) Need Feedback Please

    So I think I might have found a dealer that after transferring my reservation to them, I may now find myself with a good chance for Wave 4,5,6 or at the beginning of MY23. The critical question now is if and is a huge if*, once I get the invitation do I go for a basic standard XLT which I did...
  14. Just received phone call for next wave, wave 4?

    There is a package option to get 360 camera on the Pro unless I'm mistaken. If you check in the build tool you will find this option under the "tow technology package" for $1948, very expensive for what you get but it does include the onboard scale.
  15. Late Reservation (May 29, 0106 time stamp) Need Feedback Please

    That sounds like an awesome experience. If my former significant other and I would still be together I would recommend this to her. Sounds like you are very much interested in getting an EV. I wish you luck whichever car route you take. Maybe Ford takes some random names giving us a chance...
  16. Late Reservation (May 29, 0106 time stamp) Need Feedback Please

    I am by the Chesapeake, Virginia Beach area. I will be calling some dealers today as some of the members here responded with some contacts. At this point any major dealer that had more than 5 allocations for MY22, and that based on their current reservations I will be towards the front end of...
  17. Late Reservation (May 29, 0106 time stamp) Need Feedback Please

    You make a solid argument. I do want it quicker but I don't want to reward dealers charging ADM out of principle and because of my budget in mind. However, your suggestion makes sense, if I do find a dealer that charges a "reasonable" ADM say $2000-$3000 to bump me up, then at least I get a...
  18. Late Reservation (May 29, 0106 time stamp) Need Feedback Please

    Thank you, I think I won't have much of a choice if I really want one but to go with the XLT SR. I really hate how little priority Ford gave the Pro trim to regular buyers like us. Guess it's not as profitable but what a value this was at just under $40k. As they say, gotta pay to play.
  19. Late Reservation (May 29, 0106 time stamp) Need Feedback Please

    I'll give them a call on Monday before I transfer my reservation over. Let's see how it goes.
  20. Late Reservation (May 29, 0106 time stamp) Need Feedback Please

    Thank you, this is what I might just end up doing. Should I try to go for a dealer in Texas which has had a lot of truck allocations, or should I go for a ZEV state like MA, MD, or NJ?