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Search results

  1. Will the Lightning support a snow plow?

    I have not found anything on a front receiver hitch yet. Hoping to have a truck delivered by the end of the year and will see what I can figure out when I can spend some quality time underneath it. Pretty sure it will need a supplemental battery (or two) to buffer the draw but otherwise I...
  2. Anyone figured out how to turn off the frunk beeping yet?

    Does anyone know if the frunk uses the same speaker?
  3. 120 Volt Ford Mobile Connect Charge "Curve"

    I really doubt there is a "curve" for charging at 120VAC as there is no benefit to charging any slower. My guess is the differences you are seeing are the result of other factors such as pre-conditioning and other variable power drains.
  4. Retail purchase

    This is a great deal considering MSRP on MY23 will be more the 5K higher.
  5. Launching the Lightning (for maximum acceleration) - can it cause damage?

    There is also benefit from loading up the suspension (i.e. the squat) by holding the brake.
  6. Regenerative braking seems reduced over the past week

    I would have loved paddles on the Lightning... even a +/- toggle somewhere would work for me, maybe on the shift handle? Edit: The manual mode +/- on the ICE 150 would have been a perfect use for this feature:
  7. 🛠 10/24 Lightning Build Week Group (MY2023)

    All 2023 (maybe not Pro) have heated front seats. Not sure what summary you are looking at but I would not be worried about it. Edit: I didn't find heated seats on any of my order sheets either. It is clearly listed on the 2023 build and price page however.
  8. Primacy XCs on Pro reviews?

    I understand the XLT base also has these tires and am also interested to know if I can make it thought the winter or will need to buy replacements right away. We get a lot of snow and ice here.
  9. Reddit report of odd range values showing - loose battery cable

    The advice is to check and tighten the connections to the 12v battery located behind the access panel in the frunk. Be careful with the panel as i recall reading some reports of the tabs breaking off.
  10. List: F-150 Lightning dealers that do / don't apply ADM (price markup)

    If you wanted to cleanup the list, Granger Ford of Twin Cities is really Granger Ford of IA. It got confused when I first submitted @Granger Ford as I am in the Twin Cities but they are in IA. Ordered last week at $1000 under MSRP :)
  11. Pricing Summary does not Match Window Sticker

    When I ordered in wave 2 for MY 2023 it was made clear to me by my dealer that nothing would reflect the "private offer" at this point and it would made directly by Ford at the time of sale. I also have a build date now and nothing changed online as far as price goes. My guess is that Ford...
  12. Minnesota Just walked away from this Red 2022 Lariat ER at $91,244

    When you say "walked away"... was this your order or a stock/retail unit the dealer received?
  13. Just got production date

    My wave 2 XLT scheduled today for 10/24 with the mobile charger. I don't think it is a constraint... for that matter if for any reason Ford can't get enough of them they will just ship them separately after delivery.
  14. 🛠 10/24 Lightning Build Week Group (MY2023)

    Me too! So exciting but after living through the Bronco reservation fiasco I have great sympathy for those still waiting...
  15. Any Luck Changing Dealer for this recent September Wave?

    I have not read about anyone having success changing dealers after receiving an invite for MY2023... Curious which dealer as I am also in MN. Very happy that my original reservation (and now order) was with @Granger Ford as I didn't get a good feeling from any of dealers I spoke to in the...
  16. No light on running board, post-delivery

    Glad to see that it was simple repair.
  17. Ford CEO Farley challenges dealers to cut EV cost to customers by $2,000

    I think lowering the MSRP is his goal but want's the dealers to share the cost (or shoulder most of it) which frankly seems fair as they can essentially do away with sales staff that add very little value at this point.
  18. Ford CEO Farley challenges dealers to cut EV cost to customers by $2,000

    Plus incentive is a very big number for the Lightning.
  19. Mods to improve Lightning acceleration performance on drag strip?

    Any more thoughts about the impact of improving traction? I keep hearing about how the tires break loose (which I love) and my guess is that the computer reduces power at that point or there would be awesome vids of smoky burnouts. I am really looking forward to hearing how the truck does at...