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  1. Wave 3 invites who don't order won't be cancelled; possible Pro / XLT ordering reopening

    This whole process has been a goat rodeo. Makes me really, really rethink my reservation. The fact that there is not "one queue" for orders is just assinine. It should be a VERY simple first come, first served system. They want to maximize the credits and crap like that but I think they will...
  2. J1772 Extension Cable

    I used an extension cable (dont remember the brand) on my Tesla. It worked okay but it stopped working after a few weeks. Then again, Tesla is always pretty finnicky about the voltage drop using extension cords and cables.
  3. need suggestions for alternate ev

    I have a Model X which the Lightning will replace. The 3rd row is ONLY for midgets. You "can" put car seats back there but it takes some Bronze medal gymnastics to do that. For current EVs, you really dont have a choice. You get a 2nd Lightning . . . For future EVs, you might look at the...
  4. Was Invited to Participate in Ford Lightning Focus Group

    If I were to receive this survey, my biggest question would be how in the holy hell did the company that has made the #1 light duty truck in America for the last 40 years miss the Lightning demand so badly? I am just sayin' . . . .
  5. Sorry About That! message

    Sorry to hear that, but honestly, I dont have much sympathy as I am still waiting for my Ready to Order email. I am just jealous! :( Look at it this way - at least you have an email vs the rest of us who check email about 50 times per day! I am sure you will get it worked out eventually. You...
  6. Will Max Tow Package on Lightning reduce range when NOT towing?

    Okay, thanks. I was just curious if the Max Tow Package was contributing to the Platinum Trim only getting 280 miles range vs. the Lariat or not.
  7. Will Max Tow Package on Lightning reduce range when NOT towing?

    Anyone have any idea if the Max Tow Package will reduce range while NOT towing? On the ICE models, I think you get a different gearing but with the Lighting, the motors are electric so I assume they are not any different with the Max Tow Package. Any have any better info?
  8. Trim standard vs options

    Any info on what is standard in Lariat vs. Platinum and what is optional? Is the consensus that it will be very similar to the ICE models or quite different?
  9. do i need bigger battery upgrade if only using 1 or twice a year of long road trips?

    While driving my current EV, there has never been a time I have said to myself "I sure am glad I dont have all that extra range - what a waste." There is no substitute for range!
  10. Water fording depth?

    Has there been any spec on how many inches of water can be forded with the Lightning? I am moving to Texas and there are frequently roads with high water - has Ford put out any spec on this yet?
  11. Answers & Info From F-150 Lightning Event. 300 mile range with 1000 lbs payload confirmed

    Has anyone heard any official statements on range estimates for the Extended Battery? I have seen the info on the "first look" videos showing 450+ range but I have not heard any official data. Are we still in the dark on that?
  12. "EVs require less maintenance" … oh really … : )

    I dont know where they got their data but my 2016 Tesla Model X has been very inexpensive to own. I have had a few repairs under warranty but for "routine" maintenance, only my annual service has come out of pocket and that was been very reasonable - about $400.
  13. Who’s selling their EV, when they get the Lightning?

    Selling my 2016 Tesla Model X for the Lightning. I enjoy driving SUVs and trucks. I really like my Model X but its not an SUV.
  14. Solar Panel Tonneau Cover

    The only time this might make any kind of sense would be if you are camping for a week out in the middle of nowhere. Maybe. Sort of. If you squint real hard. Otherwise, nope.
  15. Sandy Munro - First Look at the Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck

    Why is having a battery pack that is isolated from the frame such a big deal? I am not a mechanical guy. I can see the benefit for servicability or, God forbid, you have to replace the battery pack. But he was talking about it in regards to reliability. Can anyone clue me in?
  16. Extra batteries option for Lightning?

    True, but the system is not 100% efficient - you always have losses, even with regen braking. Also, my Tesla is now 6 years old. Technology always advances. I am pretty confident that Ford has better efficiency than my 6 year old Tesla. As I said, I can only comment on my experience with my...
  17. Extra batteries option for Lightning?

    I can only speak to my experience with my Tesla Model X. Short, quick trips kills my range more than sustained speed for longer drives. Also, being in Seattle (for now) with all the hills, is terrible for range.
  18. Extra batteries option for Lightning?

    A larger battery pack is also useful for people that do drive all day, just not all at once. If you are running around town all day, you can use up a battery quickly. EVs are most efficient when driving at the same speed for long distances. When you start doing many smaller trips, stop and go...