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  1. What are the chances: Ford shoots national F-150 Lightning commercial in neighbor’s driveway

    Jim Farley said that a new Lightning commercial would be bad news
  2. Wave 3 invites who don't order won't be cancelled; possible Pro / XLT ordering reopening

    I get his frustration and everyone else’s as well. However the people that think Chevy is gonna do much different would shock me. Chevy has to deal with dealerships as well. Inflation hit them as well.
  3. Did Ford remove markups on 2023?

    My dad did as well. He said he really would have considered waiting for 2023 if they said if he pushed him he'd get 2022 pricing and no more markups. I got 2023 with 2022 pricing
  4. Did Ford remove markups on 2023?

    but it was supposed to be fixed when the dealer becomes model e certified
  5. Did Ford remove markups on 2023?

    my father got his in 2022 and paid over at the same dealer
  6. Did Ford remove markups on 2023?

    I have gotten to order a 2023 Lightning. My dealer in 2022 had 2,500 markup. My 2023 order didn't have a markup. Wonder if ford fixed markups. I have signed the order sheet