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  1. Eibach R&D for Lightning lowering kit, leveling kit and lift kit -- submit your input

    I’d like an option for the rear only being lowered. Whatever is level, I’m guessing 2-3”.
  2. Just got production date

    I’m in the exact scenario you had digitall, deferred MY22 Pro and wave 1 back in August. I too went with an XLT SR due to the Pro delay and show scheduled for 10/17/22.
  3. 2023 wave 1 order invites have begun!

    Same for me. Granger did the COVP yesterday. It sounds like normal procedure to confirm you are who you claim and that you match the reservation.
  4. 2023 wave 1 order invites have begun!

    I was die hard Pro but can’t afford to wait another year. I went ahead and ordered an XLT. I have a lot of respect for those of you that deferred for a Pro. Twice!
  5. 2023 wave 1 order invites have begun!

    My reservation is now missing the "view" button but says I have until 8/22/22 to finalize the order. I'm guessing it should be starting any minute.
  6. Wave 5 Invites???

    I was invited to order about an hour ago and extended my reservation for a Pro. I ordered just before the presentation began on 5/19 and was #5 at Granger (they didn't do prioritizations from what I was told). Just a heads up for those of you who also ordered from there. Someone on here...
  7. Upgrading my electric service - what do I need?

    400A is more common now, I just finished a barn with 400A service so I could split 200A to a future home. The issue is availability. When I looked in August 2021 for a 400 meter can, they were scarce but in stock. Now, every company that sells them are no less than 4 months out and none are in...
  8. MY22 Lightning Production Number

    This is pure assumption and not what he said at all. He never says that in the Inside EV interview or others he has done. In the interview you guys reference (@ 5 min mark to save you time), he specifically states the 15-18k production number being thrown around is “not accurate”. He never says...