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  1. Gloss black 20" wheels on my Lightning Lariat with stock AT tires, tints, AMP Power Steps

  2. Gloss black 20" wheels on my Lightning Lariat with stock AT tires, tints, AMP Power Steps

    Not to disappoint OP, but to help others, you can get the AMP steps for $400 cheaper on RealTruck if you contact them via this forum (forum discount plus $100 AMP rebate).
  3. Sync 4A - Are we stuck with deprecated technology already?

    There is no evidence aftermarket options will exist with deep vehicle integration. E.g. integrating with battery charge module, climate controls, anything ford specific. This does not exist for any vehicle. There is nothing to bring a 2011 f-150 to the level of modern sync 4.
  4. Sync 4A - Are we stuck with deprecated technology already?

    Please read your link. Sync 1 v3 was 2009. Maybe that's where you're going wrong. Sync 3 was 2015.
  5. How do I drop the driver-side rear seatback down?

    My problem is I can never get it to latch closed again!
  6. New York to Florida and Back in my F-150 Lightning Lariat Extended Range

    Are you a time traveller? 😆 All your dates are for the end of Setpember!
  7. License plate relocation

    I also had the dealer not put the front license plate on (also in SoCal). I'm thinking of trying this https://www.motortrend.com/features/california-state-license-plate-wrap-sticker/
  8. Phone as a Key issue

    I was 7/25 build week - Lariat ER. PAAK worked the day I picked up the truck August 30. It's worked flawlessly ever since with iOS and iPhone 12 Pro. The backup passcode to start the vehicle has worked without any issues at all for the few times that I've gotten in without my phone. The truck...
  9. 🛠 7/25 Lightning Build Week Group

    Mine has also arrived now! (California)
  10. 🛠 7/25 Lightning Build Week Group

    Finally got the photo via email. Looks like they've changed the system a little and it's a link to download the image rather than embedded in the message.
  11. For those with >$300k income, will you still buy a EV w/o $7500 incentive?

    Disingenuous options - it's completely valid to say I can't afford 10% price increase when already stretched to the top of the budget and wait a couple years to buy a used EV or something cheaper like the bolt!
  12. IRS Issues Statement on New Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D)

    I think the use of the word "refundable" is applying to 2 different definitions and I worry that some will not understand what applies for them. Yes it is refundable if you already paid more than $7500 federal tax in the year and you already paid that e.g. via your company paying the IRS...
  13. IRS Issues Statement on New Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D)

    The current tax credit is refundable if it causes you to have overpaid taxes through the year (e.g. via withheld tax on paychecks, or quarterly self-employment tax). The minimum earning for a $7500 tax liability is about $54,000*. Seems like a fairly low wage, though it's above the pathetically...
  14. 🛠 7/25 Lightning Build Week Group

    You can see the price here https://www.floodfordesp.com/esp_plans.php?PlanDetailID=43&ModelID=43&VehicleYear=2022&VehicleMileage=100&StateID=5&TimeCheck=1&AWD=1&Surcharge4=0&Surcharge2=0&Surcharge5=0&Surcharge3=0&Submit=Continue 8 year / 100,000 miles comes to: - $2145 with $0 deductible -...
  15. 🛠 7/25 Lightning Build Week Group

    Ramp 51 is usually the factory parking lot waiting for some stage of production (QA / shipping allocation / chip / spray liner)
  16. Iced Blue Silver Lightning Build. Mods: PPF matte finish, Line-X, gloss black painted grille, black wrapped roof, wheels

    Last year I asked for quotes for front 1/3 of hood, front bumper, tailgate and bed sides in central coast california. The quotes ranged from $1450 - $1650. When PPFing I would still ceramic coat - the purpose of the PPF is to prevent paint chips and scratches, but the purpose of the coating is...
  17. 🛠 7/25 Lightning Build Week Group

    I just used the chat on ford.com/support and they gave me the railcar number on Canadian National Railways
  18. 🛠 7/25 Lightning Build Week Group

    Built 8/10 ETA 9/2 - 9/8 (CA, US)