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  1. Email Subject: Your vehicle order has been updated

    Can one of you veterans shed some light on what this could mean In the email I just received? I am traveling and don’t remember the password to my Ford account. I tried to reset it and somehow got my account locked. Ford robots are not that helpful and humans won’t be around until Monday...
  2. Lightning vs Rivian R1T Hauling - Cargo Carrying Comparison by Alex on Autos

    What are the big practical pros and cons for the way you use yous?
  3. Pro Standard Features

    I hope this is not already posted somewhere else:
  4. Battery Theft

    Just out of boredom I was thinking how easy/difficult is it to drop the battery while the car is parked and roll it out? Prius gets it’s oxygen sensors stolen frequent and the value of that is not even a fraction of Lightning battery. They may need a Cybertruck payload to drive it away though...
  5. Bed Liner for Lightning Pro

    It looks like standard Pro bed may come unprotected. Does anyone know if the bed is Aluminum? And what is your preferred way of protecting the bed? Spray? Plastic, …. ? Why? What brand you like? What are your concerns with doing that with Pro? My current truck came with a plastic liner...
  6. Registeration Full

    I just received the following email three hours ago. DC is the closest to me and it looks like it was full before the email was sent to me. Is Ford messing with me? or this is a Phishing scam? Those of you that got a legitimate email, does this look familiar? Is this a cruel Psych...
  7. Lightning Efficiency - MPGe?

    Does anyone know what MPGe for Lightning is? Rivian just published theirs. This is with road tires. You will have 5%-15% hit with other options. I will be happy if we get similar numbers. I don’t expect better. If we don’t have any numbers from Ford, what is your best guess of what we will get?
  8. Sandy Munro - First Look at the Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck

    The suspended battery pack was new to me and comforting as well.