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Search results

  1. Can I drive the truck using just the passcode?

    I remember hearing something about this. Say I want to bring the truck to go swimming, and dont want to bring a set of keys out on the water or leave them unguarded at the beach. To drive the vehicle with just a password would be nice.
  2. My dealer going out of business. No idea where my order will go

    Epic Ford (Everett, Washington) is closing on 5/16 My truck is scheduled for 5/23 Called ford marketing and they said talk to your dealer. Talked to sales manager and he said it will get randomly sent to any nearby dealer. Both parties don't seem to know what's actually going to happen. Will I...
  3. F-150 Lightning acceleration sound - like it or not?

    Skip to 0:25 seconds. I personally dont like it.