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  1. Did 600 miles towing an Airstream turn my Extended Range into a Standard Range?!

    the estimated miles are irrelevant. your truck isn't going to perform worse because you previously towed an airstream, theres no reason for it to be calculating it that way. fords implementation of range estimates is terrible. I wish they just told me the the # of kWh I have available so I...
  2. Portable EVSE Amps over 110v/120v

    the problem with this is the amount of waste. I put my ford EVSE on a Killawatt and it was pulling 1300 watts. Thats 17% wasted.
  3. Can solar charge Lightning battery during grid outage?

    it would be nice if someone made an EVSE that used solar panels as the input. so silly that solar needs to go DC to AC to DC with current setups
  4. Truck Powered Adventures: Antimatter Blue Lariat F-150 Lightning

    that 2.2 mi/kwh range at 70-75 mph is pretty good. do you drive on the highway with 1 pedal on?
  5. Charge Station Fault -> Charge Fault -> Powertrain Malfunction Fault

    latest update, the part has been delivered to the dealership but the only technician who can work on it is on vacation. so maybe middle of next week if everything goes perfect. anyone want to buy this truck? ford is losing me.
  6. Charge Station Fault -> Charge Fault -> Powertrain Malfunction Fault

    New update. They confirmed the module has a short and needs ordered. They finally ordered it today, 3 days after the last update. It will be delivered "end of next week" and at the earliest I will have the truck back Monday the 15th. So best case scenario, I will have driven the truck for 17...
  7. Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power

    Hey at least you can charge it and drive it. Good luck with your dealer experience.
  8. Charge Station Fault -> Charge Fault -> Powertrain Malfunction Fault

    oh you are right, it was @Gimme_my_MME . thanks to both of you for being on the forums
  9. Charge Station Fault -> Charge Fault -> Powertrain Malfunction Fault

    Received an update. Local dealer technician has more testing to do but thinks one of the modules has a short and will need to be replaced. No ETA on when they will place the order or how long it will take to get the order. @Ford Senior Master reached out and got me connected to someone at...
  10. Charge Station Fault -> Charge Fault -> Powertrain Malfunction Fault

    persistent. I drove it about 25 miles and tried multiple charging locations. the tech at ford said the error still showed after updating all the modules.
  11. Charge Station Fault -> Charge Fault -> Powertrain Malfunction Fault

    Thanks, I didnt get a chance to talk direct with the technician, just a very nice person at the service desk who kept saying how it was the first Lightning so they were going to take their time. I’ll post the details once I get them. Going to call tomorrow afternoon if I dont hear anything...
  12. Charge Station Fault -> Charge Fault -> Powertrain Malfunction Fault

    I mentioned this in the 6/6 build thread, but figured I should post the experience here in case it applies to anyone else. On Monday 7/25 the truck threw a charge station fault error. I unplugged the evse and the vehicle reported “plugged in not charging.” Eventually the charge station fault...
  13. 🛠 6/6 Lightning Build Week Group

    Well, already in for service. Got a charge station fault last night which turned into a charging fault and then a powertrain malfunction. Truck won’t charge. got lucky that the dealer can service it friday and they got me a loaner in the meantime.
  14. 🛠 6/6 Lightning Build Week Group

    ha, it’s an anti matter blue lariat, so nothing new you all haven’t seen before. I was a 6/6 build, 6/11 blend, 6/19 production. Said it would ship by 7/5. Actually shipped 7/8 and picked it up yesterday. I’m in the Cleveland area so it was probably one the first off the delivery truck...
  15. 🛠 6/6 Lightning Build Week Group

    Just picked mine up. The drive home was super fun, but I never drove the demo unit at the dealer so it was also nerve racking.