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Search results

  1. Hood Deflector?

    Wouldn’t count on that fitting bc of the light bar and headlights. The shape of the nose of the hood on the truck in that link is very different.
  2. Psyma Survey for Ford. Real? Or Fake?

    They are legit market research, from what I could tell. I did it, no personal info asked except for email, which they already had.
  3. One Pedal drive toggle option disappeared from screen

    Compared to my Tesla, 1PD is lackluster. I am probably too used to the MY, but it really truly is 1PD in the MY. I have to apply the brakes far more often than I’d like to in the 150. Curious what longevity these 6000 lb trucks get from brakes and tires!
  4. Factory Photo Show Added work necessary?

    Not sure, I don’t have an insider, just a build sheet from the factory I found in the truck. 5/19 blend and 5/21 pic tells me they just rolled it off after being mostly complete until a new dash could get assigned to my VIN.
  5. Factory Photo Show Added work necessary?

    My pic info was dated 5/21, built date was 6/29, didn’t get pic until email on 7/26
  6. Factory Photo Show Added work necessary?

    Mine was the same! May 19 to June 29. I found a build sheet that said dash was torque stripped and power pedal unit was bad.
  7. Ford sets 5 new requirements for EV dealers - including remote delivery, fast chargers & non-negotiable pricing

    Will charging at dealer be free? Available 24/7? At least having free coffee and a TV in the waiting room while charging can help pass the time on a trip (during business hours)
  8. Anyone take delivery of a Lariat SR with AT tires?

    It's a really smooth ride too. Wife and kids love it. Curious about tire longevity, and might try a set of real AT once these are worn.
  9. Anyone take delivery of a Lariat SR with AT tires?

    Yea. Range from 68-72mph. Unless I’m late for work. I’m not zipping around like in my Tesla, that’s for sure. Just did a 40 miler in the rain @65 and got 2.6.
  10. Anyone take delivery of a Lariat SR with AT tires?

    Got her last Wednesday, so far ~400, all highway. I commute for work. I’m hoping after some miles some sort of recalibration happens.
  11. Anyone take delivery of a Lariat SR with AT tires?

    I have Lariat SR with the AT. Has read 218 @ 100% since purchased with 46 miles on the clock. Edit to add the pirelli scorpion AT plus is WAY more of an AT than than the dynapro at2
  12. 🙋‍♂️ What Did You Do To Your Lightning Today?

    Gave a wrap shop free reign to tint my lights. Also got the indicators on the mirrors and side step light done. You can see the steps light in the second pic. Sunny day pics coming eventually.
  13. List: F-150 Lightning dealers that do / don't apply ADM (price markup)

    Mullinax Ford in New Smyrna Beach, FL was MSRP for me today
  14. 🛠 5/16 Lightning Build Week Group

    I just found a left behind build sheet, printed 5/17/22. The adjustable pedal switch had a defect, and the instrument panel had to be rebuilt, it was torque stripped. I believe those panels are assigned to a VIN, so the 6 week build makes more sense now.
  15. Peragon Tonneau

    @Carminus how did bending the brackets go for you? I’m worried about torquing them too much and bending the bed rail.
  16. 🛠 5/16 Lightning Build Week Group

    @TaxmanHog picked her up with 46 miles.
  17. 🛠 5/16 Lightning Build Week Group

    She’s arrived. Picking up tomorrow afternoon.