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Search results

  1. How can cybertruck provides 6.5 feet bed?

    Because it has less frunk area? Also aerodynamic looks optimal, I guess freeway MPGe would be higher than Lightning. Please comment.
  2. Lightning Platinum vs R1T Range test by Alex's EV Buyers Guide

    Both were charged to 100%, after running ~245 miles, the conclusion: R1T: 2.46m/kWh, 100kWh used, real world range 315-320 miles. Lightning: 2.0m/kWh, 123kWh used, real world range 250-255miles. Lightning uses 20-25% more energy than R1T, probably due its size and box shape. I did not watch...
  3. 6,842 Lightnings sold so far, 2,373 in July 2022 📊

    “Sales of Ford’s profitable F-Series pickups were off 10.7% through August compared with the prior year. The company has sold 6,842 models of its all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup to date as of Aug. 31, including 2,373 vehicles last month.” F-150 Lightning’s top three conquests are Ram...
  4. 2nd Generation Lightning Prediction and Wishlist

    As Silverado EV and Cyvertruck are coming and RAM ev is on the way, Ford must also be busy working on 2nd gen 2025 Lightning. I am interested in your opinio, prediction and wishlist. I predict it will not be box shaped anymore but rather aerodynamic shaped to increase freeway mileage...
  5. 2022 Lightning Extended Range (ER) battery real capacity (not usable) = 143.4kWh and Standard Range (SR) = 107.6kWh

    Saw this on FB. According to OP, he saw the truck up on a lift today and was able to see the number. This is for ER battery. So Ford keeps close to 8% capacity reserved. Update: We have a number for SR battery: 107.6kWh real capacity.
  6. For those with >$300k income, will you still buy a EV w/o $7500 incentive?

    For those with more than $300k income, will you still buy a EV without $7500 incentive? In California, $2000 rebate has a cap of $200k for a family, that makes the gap to $9500.
  7. Battery Phantom Drain

    Alex let his Lightning and R1T sit for 2 weeks and Lightning still shows 100% battery charge but lost about 5 miles, that is about 0.2kWh/day. Rivian lost 27%, 2.8kWh/day, that is 2500 miles worth of electricity per year.
  8. Rumor: Fire in Tesla repair center in Suzhou China

    Rumor: Fire in Tesla repair center in Suzhou China took away several teslas.
  9. 17000lb tow test

  10. Add option(s) after build date determined not possible?

    I did not order max tow package, so I decided to add it. I emailed dealer but they told me since VIN was assigned and build date has been set, they are not able to change the order. Is that true?
  11. How to change/add options to orders placed?

    I placed order of Lariat ER on 4/23 and build date is 8/15. I would like to add max tow package. Should I contact Ford? Or contact dealer?
  12. R1T should be selling for $100,000, it's way underpriced

    Rivian R1T electric truck 'way underpriced,' but room to improve, expert says | Automotive News (autonews.com) But the R1T, which starts at $67,500, "should be selling for $100,000 -- it's way underpriced for what it is and what it does," says Munro during a walkaround of the dismantled...
  13. 2nd row Floorliner for under seats storage?

    Is there any floor liner for models with under seats storage box?
  14. Looks like Lightning does not have dash camera

    Correct me if I am wrong but looks like Lightning does not have dash camera like Tesla. I hate to install myself.
  15. F150 Real MPGe based on charging from wall outlet

    Looks like Ford official MPGe data is based on electricity stored in battery. InsideEVs review mentioned that they squeezed 2.4 miles per kWh. They also mentioned that charge station shows 41kWh consumed while truck shows 38kWh added in battery. So charging efficiency is about 92%, we can...
  16. What is your electricity rate?

    I live in El Dorado County, near Sacramento in Northern California. PG&E rate is terribly high. If I choose to stay with tiered plan, lowest price is 31c/kWh, during winter I would use a lot of electricity at 39c/kWh. During summer I would definitely use a lot at 49c/kWh due to 100F for weeks...
  17. When and how much would Ford and other manufacturers increase MSRP?

    Chip prices increased by 7% in Q4 last year, and would increase another 15% later this year. Tesla prices increased more than 20% across the line since last summer, Rivian also increased price by similar amount. Material price is jumping, parts price and labor price are trending same. It looks...
  18. Received order invitation on 4/12, wave 6? wave 7?

    I was notified by dealer twice about placing order but never received formal email from Ford. So I gave up weeks ago. But Tuesday I received order invitation text from Ford while travelling. Just checked my account and I am able to order. Don't know if it is wave6 or even wave 7. Only Lariat...
  19. EPA Range, MPGe and Battery Capacity

    I am surprised that no one questioned the EPA range and MPGe numbers. The math is pretty straight forward, MPGe number is the range that EV can drive with 33.7kWh. So, if an EV can drive 2 miles per kWh, MPGe is 67.4 miles. So, SR Lightning has 98kWh usable capacity, with 68 MPGe, you can get...
  20. Just received phone call for next wave, wave 4?

    I ordered 8pm PST on 5/19, in California, to be more accurate, Sacramento area Folsom Lake Ford. Did not expect to order this year due to high EV demand in California. But I just received email (missed the phone call due to meeting). Wave 4? Can not decide if I should order it. Below is the...