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Search results

  1. two Lightnings on the lot for sale in Houston

    here's the other sticker. (black one)
  2. two Lightnings on the lot for sale in Houston

    warranty? don't know but that's what it says on the window sticker
  3. two Lightnings on the lot for sale in Houston

    Waiting for my invite to order while visiting family in Houston I killed some time by stopping at Joe Myers ford in Houston. I merely wanted to see what an F-150 in silver look like, but much to my surprise the sales guy tried to interest me in making a deal on the spot for one of two...
  4. Charging at Ford dealerships

    can't speak for anything on your route but driving to Houston yesterday stopped at the Ford dealer in Nagadoches. the pro charger was just attached to a post in their parking lot. no sign or anything to call attention to it. I stopped and asked the dealer about using it (I have a res but am...
  5. Simple Question: Can I use my current generator (gas/portable) hookup to my box?

    You aren't! just a few weeks before the Lightning "reveal" I sold my 5 year old portable generator with the intent on replacing it with a newer, quieter, one. The Lightning annoucement saved me from buying a $1200 generator! I've now been patiently waiting for my order letter going 18...
  6. Lightning Real World Range -- What's Yours?

    the chart your showing is for a for a " are computed on a hypothetical road trip of 600mi at an average speed of 70mph and a minimum leg length of 90m" not real world driving.
  7. 1100 mi trip-Good, ok, disappointment

    staying overnight isn't an option even if there is a hotel there. if it's that risky we'll take my wife's car
  8. 1100 mi trip-Good, ok, disappointment

    I'm 3-6 months away from a Lightning and although I don't plan on using it for trips because of the lack of charging options. I only have two long range destinations that I'd like to drive to. one to Houston (400mi),, the other to Dallas. (300mi). While there are stations listed along each...
  9. Pro & XLT trims closed already??? (As of 9/8/2022)

    I beg to differ. Selling fewer of the lower price unit is precisely what the good, better, best strategy requires. You may think that they are selling a "token: few Pro's, but at this point there is no way of knowing what the ratio is of even orders, let along actual sales. I made my...
  10. Pro & XLT trims closed already??? (As of 9/8/2022)

    offering a good, better, and best model is and has been standard marketing practice with every product from baby food to automobiles. if you can't get what you want, get your $100 back.
  11. Ford sets 5 new requirements for EV dealers - including remote delivery, fast chargers & non-negotiable pricing

    no, the third choice is to change dealers.. buy it from someone else. competition is the only way to keep ADM's in check.
  12. Electrify America - Redesigned labels coming to a charge station near you

    yep, from the reviews I'm reading and watching (youtube) EA has a serious problem keeping their charging stations up an running as well as poor customer service... if they don't adress these issues, pronto, it won't matter what color their charging stations are, few will use them.
  13. List of dealers with Lightning DEMO MANNEQUINS AVAILABLE FOR TEST DRIVES

    not sure if I entered this before but Riser Ford in Hot Springs, AR has a Lariat manequin. Got my first test drive last week. WOW! even more excited than ever for mine to arrive. (Still waiting for an invite)
  14. List of dealers with Lightning DEMO MANNEQUINS AVAILABLE FOR TEST DRIVES

    demo model at Riser Ford in Hot Springs, AR. took my first drive yesterday. It's a life changing experience! can hadly wait for mine.
  15. 2023 F-150 Lightning Standard Range Increased to 240 Miles; Pro Trailer Hitch Now Available; Order Banks Re-Open With Updated Pricing

    from the latest Ford Authority news updating the earlier one on when the order banks open: 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning order banks are now set to open this Thursday, August 11 – a couple of days later than previously expected – with production beginning on October 10th, 2022.
  16. 2023 Lightning Build and Price is Live .... $5000+ increase in price

    looks like an $8k bump for the Lariat I want. about 10%... I can live with that.
  17. 2023 Lightning Build and Price is Live .... $5000+ increase in price

    my standard browser is Chrome... I Tried again using MS EDGE and it works fine.