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Search results

  1. Bi-Directional Power possible on Extended Range only?

    A quote from Linda Zhang caught my eye just now: Why did she specify "with the extended range batteries"? The official Lightning Tech Specs says the 80A bi-directional charging station is optional on the Standard Range trucks, so I had assumed that meant it would work bi-directionally, and not...
  2. F-150 Lightning spotted charging : 124kW @ 49% SOC

    Lightning spotted charging at an EA station : 124kW @ 49% SOC. Extended Range has to average ~150kW from 15% to 80% to match Ford's info, so far, so I'm guessing this is a Standard Range truck. Could be plenty of other theoretical explanations like heat limiting the rate or the ER having a...
  3. Extended Range Lightning Pro is For Commercial Customers Only : Confirmed by Ford

    Good to have additional confirmation that the SR Pro is available to retail customers, but disappointing that the ER Pro is for commercial customers only. (Author is Communications Manager for Commercial Vehicles North America)