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Search results

  1. $10,000 Federal Rebate (Canada)

    Yeah I’m really interested in this program. It would basically offset the price increase on 2023s. But odd that the Lightning isn’t listed.
  2. 2023 Canadian Pricing

    I noticed that CarCostCanada has the 2023 pricing so I built myself an XLT. For my preferred configuration with ER, both tow packages, and not much else it’s $97,920, plus tax. Yikes.
  3. The Extended Range Lightning isn’t subject to the Luxury Tax [Canada]

    Since the ER Lightning has a GVWR of 8550 pounds, it isn’t subject to the Canadian federal Luxury Tax for vehicles over $100,000, which applies to light duty vehicles with GVWR of 8500 pounds (3856 kg) or less...
  4. Canadian Lariat 511A price changes

    The Luxury Tax doesn’t apply so long as the GVWR is over 8500 pounds, so the extended range Lightning is exempt.
  5. How long do you plan on keeping your Lightning?

    I keep all my vehicles for ten years, unless circumstances change. Still have my 2013 Volt. Keeping it much beyond that I think I’m pushing my luck for when the battery might need to be replaced.
  6. Silly Complaint - No Auto Down/Up Rear Windows

    Given that I’m probably a year away from getting mine, it’s nice to read all the complaints.
  7. First test ride towing our travel trailer (1.0 mi/kWh on 40-70 MPH loop)

    My last two campsites were 34 miles and 58 miles from home. That’s my use case so I’m really not concerned with range.
  8. Truth or Bunk? Claims Lightning can't handle the tow outside city limits

    I’ve had that shared with me by a couple of people on Facebook who know I’m interested in towing with the Lightning. No surprise really that it’s not a great long-distance cross-country machine with a big camper in tow. Still perfectly fine for my use which is 98% NOT going on long-distance...
  9. Door Sticker Thread (GVWR / Payload / Tire and Loading Figures Label). Help and Add Yours!

    Someone in my area took delivery of their XLT ER with Max Tow and he says the sticker shows 1900 lbs. He has the spray in bedliner. So I’m thinking without the bedliner his payload would be about 1945. Pretty good considering my 2015 SuperCab has 2019 lbs.
  10. It’s almost August. 2023 Lightning

    Darn I came here to joke about being able to order in July and it’s already been done.
  11. F150 Lightning Towing Test vs GMC Denali (not Ike Gauntlet) by TFL

    I appreciate that they included the Sierra as a benchmark. I just towed my 88-sq-ft frontal area fifth wheel 110 miles (175 km) and averaged 9.4 MPG (25 L/100km) in approximately similar conditions (55-65 mph). So that’s close to their 8.9 MPG. I’d expect to do about as well as they did with the...
  12. F150 Lightning Towing Test vs GMC Denali (not Ike Gauntlet) by TFL

    I understand the people who don’t think the Lightning will work for them. I don’t understand the people who insist the Lightning won’t work for anyone.
  13. F150 Lightning Towing Test vs GMC Denali (not Ike Gauntlet) by TFL

    The thing with people is that they always make generalizations. Lightning will be perfectly fine for my towing needs with a large, heavy camper. I simply don’t drive hundreds miles when I’m camping so the range is of zero significance to me.
  14. Cancelled my reservation a while ago.. deep regret.

    Wait for the next generation. It should only be a few years away. Let the rest of us work out the bugs for you.
  15. TFL: Ike Gauntlet Towing Test - F150 Lightning Lariat ER vs Hybrid Powerboost

    Zero brake applications. It held about 50 mph the whole way down.
  16. Truck Campers

    I don’t have any experience with truck campers. As for weight, I wouldn’t worry about being held liable for being 100-150 lbs overweight. Liability for modestly exceeding ratings is a persistent myth that shows up in nearly every thread concerning weight. If you’re 5000 lbs overweight then...
  17. Excited for the supply spike in 6 months

    I’m sure things will have settled down a little bit in six months. A lot of the “gotta have the latest thing” people should have moved on to something else by then.
  18. How easy would it be to steal a Lightning?

    I’ve been looking into this as well, but I think I’ll just wait until my order arrives.