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  1. Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System self-install

    This sounds like a lot of losses in DC/AC/DC/AC conversions when efficiency might be needed most. The HIS system appears to be designed to be able to send solar not used in real time straight to the Lightning through a DC/DC conversion which should be quite efficient. But good on you for having...
  2. Hoovie Fails at Owning a Truck

    Might be true that it does not affect actual efficiency, but it does affect the guess o meter's estimated mileage. And of course he was at no point focused on understanding efficiency, just how fast the guess o meter was falling relative to miles driven.
  3. Hoovie Fails at Owning a Truck

    The blue color of the text bar and lack of a trailer symbol at the bottom near the odometer is a tell, was not in tow haul mode.
  4. Hoovie Fails at Owning a Truck

    Hoovies Garage buys half of a Standard Range Lariat to save money because "it can't tow very far even with the premium battery and if I'm gonna drive around 80 miles a day and charge it at night, it's fine". Proceeds to tow Model A on highway at 70mph to 73mph in rain and in Standard Mode...
  5. How to Keep Pro Power Onboard Power On For Long Period

    It is an unnatural feeling for people to leave the truck in the On position overnight. The truck needs to keep Pro Power Onboard running when L2 charging gets to full SOC setting. Right now it kicks Pro Power Onboard off in the middle of the night if the goal is a net add of energy.
  6. How can cybertruck provides 6.5 feet bed?

    Tesza is fak newz
  7. Mach-E gets Powerup software w/ YouTube - coming soon to Lightning?

    Yes, waiting on promised PAAK here @Ford Motor Company . Having charge logs work would be nice to have too.
  8. What are the chances: Ford shoots national F-150 Lightning commercial in neighbor’s driveway

    Does your neighbor happen to be youtube famous? Matt Risinger Build Show?
  9. Talk me out of a HIS by Sunrun

    Does it not have Pro Power Onboard? That would make it an energy storage system, not just a load.
  10. Talk me out of a HIS by Sunrun

    Your Ford F150 lightning is an energy storage system, and is apparently banned where you live. Welcome to America.
  11. 1100 mi trip-Good, ok, disappointment

    Charger units are kW not kWh. I won't disagree with you on high power infrastructure. I do wonder what amount of cash people would pay for a better fast charge network, if it came in the form of a vehicle purchase price premium.
  12. Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System self-install

    You aren't attaching solar to the DC inputs of the inverter so that part of the power rating isn't important to you unless you add more solar, or expect you'll be able to backfeed the grid with more than 4kW from the truck if that is ever enabled. And, with NEC interactive source connection...
  13. Ford sets 5 new requirements for EV dealers - including remote delivery, fast chargers & non-negotiable pricing

    If I were a dealer considering EV buy-in, I'd be demanding a contract describing how allocations will be handled for every State no matter ZEV status.
  14. Ford sets 5 new requirements for EV dealers - including remote delivery, fast chargers & non-negotiable pricing

    I do and it only makes sense to me to make most vehicles built to order instead of show up at a parking lot and pick from what they have. Covid set the precedence to make the move. This move seems to move dealerships more toward being an extension of Ford Motor Company than an independent local...
  15. Ford made the news in BC (Canada) and not in a good way.

    Sounds are we to understand this person was invited by Ford Motor Company to order? Kinda sounds like a dealer miscommunication to me.
  16. Talk me out of a HIS by Sunrun

    In at least one model iteration, they didn't have configured so that solar could operate during a utility outage. Shame shame
  17. Talk me out of a HIS by Sunrun

    I don't think non-export mode is a safety function, it is an economic one. Therefore, I don't think the Powerwall is set up to provide absolute surety of no push to the grid at any moment in this configuration, but I could be wrong. A generic and operational generator input if one existed would...
  18. Talk me out of a HIS by Sunrun

    Better have a heck of a reliable zero-export mechanism in place if using the Lightning bed outlet as the "grid". If power push from solar or Powerwall are ever greater than what home is consuming, it will try to push power back to the truck. From there something bad happens unless Ford secretly...