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Search results

  1. Anyone running 20x10 wheels on Lightning?

    20x9 44 offset if I remember correctly.
  2. Sad Day Broken Mirror

    One more reason why my mirrors will get folded in before entering and after exiting the garage. Good luck. Hopefully the used/wrecked car route will work to save some $$.
  3. 🛠 8/22 Lightning Build Week Group

    You can stop looking 😁
  4. 🛠 8/22 Lightning Build Week Group

    Trucks are leaving Albany...mine showed up at the dealer this afternoon. They can't do pdi until Monday. They are open 8 to 5. I work 830 to 5. Luckily I have next Friday off (parent teacher conferences truck pickup and apple picking are in the agenda for Friday).
  5. Ahem?!

    Maybe rust on rotors/calipers/slides due to infrequent use in the corrosive environment of the northeast in the winter?
  6. What Are The Best Winter Tires for an F 150? Blizzaks?

    275 65 18 116xl.
  7. 🛠 8/29 Lightning Build Week Group

    Truck has arrived. No one to pdi today or tomorrow....Guess I will pick it up next Friday when I have the day off. Dealership is open 8 to 5 and I work 830 to 5. Getting my appraisals this weekend! Time to order more accessories.
  8. 🛠 8/29 Lightning Build Week Group

    Yes, it is being unloaded.
  9. 🛠 8/22 Lightning Build Week Group

    Keep your eye out for a united roads carrier with an atlas blue lariat and antimatter blue pro. We both have the same delivery estimate 9/30-10/6 (mine revised sooner and theirs kicked out another week). Going to Middlebury VT.
  10. What Are The Best Winter Tires for an F 150? Blizzaks?

    My lightning should be here soon. I already have winter wheels/tires. I went with the conti viking contact 7. I have hakkapellita tires on my volvos R2suv on the 2016 xc90 and R3suv on the 2022 xc40. I have no complaints with either of those. I was not sure last year if I was getting the conti...
  11. 🛠 8/29 Lightning Build Week Group

    Last night I was checking my truck and the other one going to my dealer. The other truck went into production on 7/18, where as mine was 9/6. They were built 8/29 vs 9/15. Their predicted delivery was 9/23 to 9/29 and mine was 10/3 to 10/9. We are both now switched to 9/30 to 10/6. Time to...
  12. Sell Lightning and go back to gas pickup?

    The Volvo gets premium and full synthetic. I can't disconnect the ice in the Volvo less than 20 miles electric range and 87hp for a 5000 pound vehicle. It is ok for my commute, but that tops out with a 45mph speed limit and an average speed of less than 20mph. Once I have the lightning (dates...
  13. Sell Lightning and go back to gas pickup?

    My xc90 phev will force fuel use due to age at some point. It happened a couple times in the last two years (some time around 6 to 7 months) and I am due for it to go over ice use soon (March 1 last fill-up). I have had to do brake work due to rusty rotors starting in year 4 (28k miles). My...
  14. 🛠 9/05 Lightning Build Week Group

    Vehi-ship is shipping from the factory to the railyard. At some point vvr will have a railcar number once assigned.
  15. 🛠 8/22 Lightning Build Week Group

    Can you see deliveries to other dealers? United won't let a nom-dealer sign up.
  16. Major damage to my new Lightning (T-bone collision) - now what?

    If only they were floating cybertrucks... On a more serious note. Let's hope the trucks all survive and that the people of Florida weather this storm and come out of it healthy (though there will be extensive property damage).
  17. Musk: Tesla Cybertruck is waterproof and can serve as a boat to cross rivers, lakes & calm seas 🤯

    I forgot about that... Do maybe outside water height would not be so bad. Maybe this is the best ice fishing accessory EVER. Heat, protection from the wind and if the ice wasn't really thick enough and it falls through...So what, it floats. All the other ice fishermen/women will be SO jealous...
  18. Musk: Tesla Cybertruck is waterproof and can serve as a boat to cross rivers, lakes & calm seas 🤯

    If the passenger compartment seals very well it would need to displace 7000??? pounds of water to float. (All math is rounded aggressively) 7000/8.5 pounds per gallon= 825 gallons of air, so about 132 cubic feet. If the bed also seals well enough to keep water out, that would likely be 62 cubic...