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  1. Tips for selling my current ICE F-150

    I heard it took a while from beginning to end, so I went with CarMax for quick cash.
  2. Lightning Real World Range -- What's Yours?

    I don’t think so!? Will it improve my range?
  3. Lightning Real World Range -- What's Yours?

    Averaging about 270 on Lariat ER living in mountains at 6200’, going over large grades and back. Around 290-308 sticking to around town.
  4. 🛠 5/23 Lightning Build Week Group

    What a let down, when you’re super anxious! Good luck and let me know when they get it right. I’m sure it’s going to be awesome!
  5. 🛠 5/23 Lightning Build Week Group

    @deadbeef Did you ever get your 3” lift from Folsom? I’ve been driving around and haven’t seen anything but Rivians around Tahoe for Electric Trucks. Direct Message me if you got the lift! My treat at Tahoe Bagel if you would want to meet up one morning, I would like to see it in person if...
  6. Anyone switch from a Tesla and regret it?

    It will depend on where you live and how often you travel. I’m located in Lake Tahoe and travel to SF Bay Area twice a month, using my EV for the commute mainly. I sold my Y and have only had my Lightning for a little over three weeks now. I do miss the infrastructure and seamless use of it, but...
  7. You must change the dealer BEFORE you get your invitation to order

    Concord and Fremont were both bad with ADM and Broncos. Definitely look into Walnut Creek Ford. If I remember right, a Bronco became available from an order not sold and they sold it to a fireman for no mark up. They were good to work with from what I read over a year ago. If they stayed the...
  8. Sad Day, our great new Lightning is physically a bad fit for garage ... (dumb dumb dumb)

    I have no garage and this picture is my fathers garage. Since he ordered a 2023 Pro in wave 1, he wanted me to park mine in his garage. Bottom line is we have to fold mirrors as pictured to get it in, with about 3” to spare on each side driving in. Not for the faint of heart. He guided me in and...
  9. 🙋‍♂️ What Did You Do To Your Lightning Today?

    Powered the refrigerator by proxy, by powering a Bluetti battery during a power outage. 😀😂 Just got my charge station today. Now I need to setup an appointment for it to get installed and a poor man’s transfer switch to the main in front of the house.
  10. Paint issue faded white spot

    Thanks! They are really good there at my dealership. Once they see it’s not from the outside, I’m guessing it will be easy. I just have no experience with manufacture paint defects.
  11. Paint issue faded white spot

    Pictures doesn’t do it justice. My salesman is going to talk to the GSM and I’ll be bringing it in for them to look at. It really does look like something rubbed up against it in the pictures, but after doing my normal wash and dry, there’s absolutely no scrape on the surface, or transfer of...
  12. Paint issue faded white spot

    So, was it a brand new Lightning and in the bed, and you didn’t order any liner with it? Just curious, because I haven’t seen any paint issues yet. It feels like mine is the first to be posted. Thanks!
  13. Paint issue faded white spot

    Just checking to see if anyone else has had a brand new paint issue, on a Lightning, or any new car from Ford. I just finished washing my car and noticed a while spot inside the paint on the right rear bumper. It looks like it’s turning milky. No scrape, or dent, it’s smooth and didn’t notice it...
  14. Parking Outside

    The end of my driveway would have room for only a one car garage. The pine tree sap is insane. Last weekend my father and I put up a cover to protect the Bronco and Lighting from tree sap and it keeps it shaded. I’m seriously thinking of paying for an engineer for special plans for a slanted...
  15. F-150 Lightning leveled on Raptor 37 package wheels, 315/70/r17 KO2 tires

    Please keep us updated on mileage. That’s the best I’ve seen yet! Looks awesome.
  16. Truck Powered Adventures: Antimatter Blue Lariat F-150 Lightning

    First, thank you for providing those specs on all the different toys and how they affected the range! Second, your videographer rocks! I was looking at your first video on Instagram and he did a wedding style first look scene and it was great! It has inspired me to break out my cameras and do...
  17. IRS Issues Statement on New Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D)

    That’s what I was looking for. I guess it will work.
  18. IRS Issues Statement on New Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D)

    I did a reservation for my father and of course it’s in my name at this point for a 2023 Wave 1 Pro Order. In hindsight I wish I would have used his credit card back on May 19th with his name. I have already taken delivery of my Lariat and I placed his order on Aug 11th. When it arrives at the...
  19. Lightning Leveled on Readylift 2″ Level Kit and 34″ Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires & Black Rhino Wheels [Update: Range Drop 226 > 196 Miles]

    I’m so tempted to do this now to my Lariat!! But, I will keep it the way it is for the first few months, which will lead me into winter with a lot of snow. Maybe just first two months🧐😂