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  1. New Tires on MY23? (Photo)

    Someone recently posted a picture of a Lightning near the production facility in Avalanche color. Due to the color I'm insinuating this is an early MY23 model... The truck itself looked like an XLT. Upon zooming in I notice the tire is "General Grabber" (picture below). Is this the same as what...
  2. Weight vs Aero on exterior accessories

    I plan on keeping my truck, externally, as close to stock as possible. The one thing I will be adding on is running boards (for my kids). I'm trying to figure out which has a greater effect on range (negatively); the extra weight of a motorized RB or a standard RB which protrudes from the...
  3. 2023 Pro already scheduled for production

    Just thought I'd put this out there. Another forum member has his 2023 Pro (ordered last month) already scheduled for production in October. Was that Autumn 2023 estimate just to scare people off that didn't want to wait? Original Post Here
  4. Possible Upcoming Reservation Forfeitures, then what?

    I mentioned it in a thread, but I think it's really being overlooked. Soon a lot of reservation holders are going to get a chance to order a MY23 Ford Lightning (a lot more than in the MY22 waves). Ford's new stance is that when it's your turn to order, you either pick an available model, or...
  5. Is the Mobile Power cord worth the $500 they are now charging?

    Is the Mobile Power cord worth the $500 they are now charging for MY23 orders? For $500-$750 is there a better 3rd party charger that you'd recommend?
  6. Clarification on Max Tow Package contents?

    I couldn't find the answer using the Search feature on this forum... Did we ever get clarification on what the Max Tow package actually is? We know it gets better cooling (though I haven't seen anywhere that explains what/how). I've read it might also have better brakes and stiffer suspension...
  7. Mods Thread Cleanup

    With all the new info being posted today and the upcoming order bank...can the mods cleanup all the duplicated threads? Makes it hard to follow a thread with 3 conversations about the same thing.
  8. Ford will communicate with all Lightning reservation holders next week about order bank launch

    Just received this from my (reputable) dealer: Dear (me): WE ARE AS EXCITED AS YOU ARE ABOUT THE NEW ALL-ELECTRIC Ford F150 Lightning! Ford has indicated that they will be communicating with all of our Lightning reservationists next week about the upcoming order bank launch. We appreciate...
  9. Wireless Android Auto/ Apple CarPlay feature model specific?

    I haven't seen this addressed/answered anywhere yet. It has been stated that these trucks would support Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, I'm curious if it is model specific? The Lariat/Platinum have a larger screen and a different OS running their display, will the Pro/XLT support...
  10. Rivian R1T Towing Range Information

    The Rivian has some real world testing under it and this may be our first really good example of towing's effect on a Electric Truck: https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/r1t-towing-range-sneak-peek-%E2%80%94-44-miles-of-predicted-range-with-37-battery-remaining.2921/...
  11. A Solid (made up) Solution for the Model Lineup Grumblings

    This is made up, not trying to dupe anyone to clicking on this thread. Forewarning, I do work in Marketing (not for Ford or anything Automobile related). Sorry. I think an awesome solution to the ER on the PRO grumblings and the frustration to option differences between Lariat and Platnum is...
  12. Leasing an F-150 Lightning

    I had started this discussion in a thread about Battery Packs and didn't want to keep hijacking that thread. Here is more, recent, information about Leasing and Tax Credits. According to these articles regarding leasing and credits... "The other issue is that when it comes to leasing Ford’s...
  13. Spare Tire Placement Design

    I've just seen the initial impression on the Rivian and I saw how they embedded the spare into the bed of the truck. Ford is also putting the spare on the rear of the truck, but theirs will be under the bed (which I like and prefer). I hope this isn't just a stupid question, I'm not an...
  14. 2022 F-150 Lightning EV Lift Kit?

    I ask this question as this is an area I have little knowledge. With the change in suspension on the F-150 Lightning would it be possible to add a lift kit? If so, theoretically, if a lift kit was added how would that affect the performance and mileage of this electric vehicle?