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  1. “My EV Driving” in FordPass vs “this trip” display in truck are different

    FordPass is notoriously inaccurate. Ford really needs to step up their software game. The app has a lot of room for improvement
  2. Delivery and first thoughts

    I'll add a word of caution with BC reading speed signs. Driving along in my Mach E and notice a sign ahead that reads 35, BUT has a shadow from a tree limb across the 3 making it look like an 8. I see it and wait to see what the car sees. Sure enough it reads it as 85 and takes off. I was on...
  3. My Lightning owner's thoughts and 1600 mile trip

    Tesla is about, what..10-12yrs ahead of the rest with their network. They should be more plentiful. CCS will get better with time. I recommend Electrify America Pass+ too. It gives you a pretty good discount per charge for only $4 per month. You'll pay for a whole year after just a few charge...
  4. is co-pilot 360 active and blue Cruise the same except for the eyeball monitoring

    It just needs to see one eye. So there is a bit of leeway if you tend to look at your surroundings while driving. I tend to do that and will get a "ding" of my eyes wander too long. In the Mach E that nanny is located on top of the steering column below the instrument cluster. An annoying...
  5. Federal administration proposes new rules for EV charging stations

    I've only used Electrify America, it has an app.............however, you do not need to use the app to use the network. Plug in and swipe a credit card and charge. Does the app make things easier and cheaper. Definitely, but the app is not necessary for use
  6. Trip with charging stations

    With Plugshare you not only find the stations but reviews and pictures of the location which can be very helpful. The in vehicle nav will find whatever charger is close by. Car dealers with L2 chargers, hotels, etc....
  7. Secondary Market for Lightnings

    Que the, "You're committing tax fraud!!!!" gang You do you man, I'm sure any Lightning will bring in a strong offer
  8. Finally got to DRIVE a Lightning ⚡

    If you can't screw your friends, who can you screw
  9. CARBONIZED GRAY F-150 Lightning Photos & Club

    Same. I was originally considering Antimatter Blue, but with the wheels color matching here I may have to reconsider
  10. Trip with charging stations

    It will add charging stops along the route if it requires them. In the FordPass app you can set a trip and beginning SOC and it will populate the charge stops. I haven't done this for super long trips so I'm not sure if you can edit those stops, probably not tho. If you save this trip it will...
  11. New to EVs? Learnings from Mach-E owners.

    I guess I'm taking the long way around 🤷‍♂️ Honestly I haven't done this in a bit so I was going off of memory
  12. First quick trip in my Lightning Platinum got a lot of attention

    It really doesn't take much elevation change to make a difference. I live north of Knoxville on the Cumberland Plateau. Driving down to Knoxville in my MME I can get 3.3/3.5 or better at 70mph. Coming back home 2.8/3.1. Less than 1000 feet difference over 70miles
  13. New to EVs? Learnings from Mach-E owners.

    Here's another I just thought of. When you want to end the charging session at a DCFC, push the block button neck to the plug on the truck. Then unplug. If the Lightning acts anything like the MME, if you end the session on the charge station it will throw a "Charge Station Fault" on the dash...
  14. New to EVs? Learnings from Mach-E owners.

    I have that as well, but I think the in app process works better. At least in my experience
  15. New to EVs? Learnings from Mach-E owners.

    Just make sure you know how the process works. It's a little more involved than your regular gas pump. If you are using Plug&Charge, you need to activate it before hand. I use EA Pass+. The process I use is 1. Open the app and select the station number. It's usually at a the very top...
  16. New to EVs? Learnings from Mach-E owners.

    All excellent points. Speed kills. I get it, you don't want to be that guy in the slow lane getting passed by everything on the road. The difference between 75mph and 70mph is dramatic in the Mach E. The Lightning shape and size will make this even more apparent