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  1. Diamondback Tonneau?

    The F150 Lightning bed is exactly the same as the ICE version. You should have no problems with a tonneau designed for an ICE F150 with a 5'7" bed.
  2. Musk: Tesla Cybertruck is waterproof and can serve as a boat to cross rivers, lakes & calm seas 🤯

    I'm surprised he didn't claim it was also a submarine.
  3. What are the chances: Ford shoots national F-150 Lightning commercial in neighbor’s driveway

    Does the charger on the garage work? Maybe your neighbor will let you use it!
  4. Anyone figured out how to turn off the frunk beeping yet?

    It is not the same speaker. https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/f150-lightning-forscan-thread.11406/post-253244
  5. Did 600 miles towing an Airstream turn my Extended Range into a Standard Range?!

    Electrify America is having some issues with their back-end systems and their stations are not showing up on Ford Nav. This is also why most locations are free of charge. I don't know when this will be fixed. In the meantime you will need to use the EA app or PlugShare to find stations.
  6. Through the end of the year, Electrify America will be replacing 300+ early-generation chargers with next-generation chargers

    The single time that I was unable to charge was at Mt. Vernon--way back in July 2020. It's a shame that it's still in disrepair. I prefer to take that route to visit family in Northern Wisconsin because I can avoid tolls and traffic around Chicago and Milwaukee but I've been afraid to go...
  7. Sync 4A - Are we stuck with deprecated technology already?

    It's more complicated than switching out the APIM. Android Automotive apparently requires on-board network infrastructure that can't be easily retrofitted into existing vehicles, at least according to The Verge.

    They're obviously missing the battery drain plug. Maybe they need to check their garage to see if there's a puddle of electricity under their truck. Puddle may consist of AA batteries.
  9. Electrify America will install ultrafast EV chargers at over 25 IKEA US locations

    -EA wasn't established until 2/2017 -The first EA station was opened in 5/2018 -The first gen hardware was cobbled together from industrial parts meant for other applications and is hard to service without high-level techs. The new hardware will have modular architecture that will be more...
  10. Electrify America will install ultrafast EV chargers at over 25 IKEA US locations

    I assume you're talking about Barrett Place. Those are relatively old ABB chargers which are notoriously unreliable, especially compared to the newer Signet chargers. I assume Barrett Place will be among the first to get the next gen chargers. Incidentally, Barrett place was the first...
  11. Electrify America - Redesigned labels coming to a charge station near you

    This is part of the signage update. They will have a label close to the screen that will show the charger number. I the meantime, you can refer to the charger number that's displayed at the top of the screen of the current chargers.
  12. Electrify America - Redesigned labels coming to a charge station near you

    That's an exaggeration, but I agree that they need to improve their uptime.
  13. Ford adding automatic lane changes to next version of BlueCruise (version 1.2) in MY2023 vehicles

    Ford BlueCruise Adds Automatic Lane Changing, Starting with Mustang Mach-E There's no mention of the F150 ICE or Lightning and they're going to start with the 2023 MME. The article says that they have no current plans to offer this feature in an update for older vehicles. It's not at the top...
  14. Texas 2023 Platinum Ordered - Available

    I don't think there's going to be a lot of profit from a Spring 2023 Platinum delivery.
  15. Electrify America - Redesigned labels coming to a charge station near you

    Even with these stickers it's impossible to differentiate 150 kW and 350 kW from a distance and that makes it difficult to target the correct charger when pulling in. The chargers are 8 foot tall monoliths and there's no reason why they can't put color coding or signage near the top of the...
  16. Texas 2023 Platinum Ordered - Available

    Why did you order it if you weren't planning on keeping it?
  17. Phone as a Key issue

    It's only available in the Lariat and Platinum for MY2022.
  18. Lightning Platinum vs R1T Range test by Alex's EV Buyers Guide

    I like and trust Alex's content, but the Rivian's 2.46 mi/kWh figure is way higher than I've seen with other tests, even accounting for differences in wheels/tires. There has to be some systemic systematic error in the way that the Rivian was calculating efficiency. Alternatively it's possible...
  19. Why 150 KW Fast Charging Limit ?

    It's in the 330V territory at lower states of charge and around 390V when fully charged. So you're not going to be able to pull more than 165 kW at low states of charge. I've seen up to 172 kW but I'm assuming that this reflects losses to battery and cabin conditioning.
  20. Why 150 KW Fast Charging Limit ?

    Most of the new Chargepoint "shared" chargers work this way: "Each station is capable of 62.5 kW output, and two stations can pair together automatically to offer even higher power (80 kW to 400V-battery cars, 125 kW to 800V-battery cars)."