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  1. A Working Pro.

    My neighbor is getting quotes on a new roof. A rep from a local contractor showed up in a company truck. Nice.
  2. Idle battery energy losses

    A quick search did not turn up anything on this but I thought there were some posts on it. Apologies in advance if I missed them. My truck has been sitting several days and it appears that it losses about 1 kWh per day as indicated by Est Distance to Empty. Anyone else seeing this?
  3. Pittsburgh has 50 Lightning fleet orders

    This is from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. The city has 50 on order from Ford.
  4. Another FCSP test

    This time I set the dial at #7 and in software set max charge at 80 amps (slide selector all the way to the right). Truck was at 21% SoC. Software Set Measured charge on blue charge cable wire in box. 80 77-78 64 62 48...
  5. FCSP Amperage Control

    Inside the charger there are two wires in the charge cable to carry AC to the truck. There are two coils for current measurement. Instead of running each wire through each coil, both wires run through one coil and only one wire through the other. Why is that?
  6. FCSP Test

    I wondered about my FCSP after reading so many problems. I did a little testing. Background Lariat w/ ER at 48% SOC, 80°F, Klein clamp meter Electrical - #2 wire from 100amp single throw 220 breaker, home voltage 242 volts FCSP - I did the mechanical but deferred to licensed electrician to...
  7. I Don’t Miss the Brake Dust

    I stick with 1-pedal mode so hardly touch the brakes. After 1 week and 200 miles, I washed the truck. Front wheels had less dust than rear wheels of my ICE F150. Nice.
  8. Where do free EA kWh show up?

    Ford says we get 250 free kWh from Electrify America with purchase of Lightning. Does anyone have any particulars on this? My Ford dealer is closed today (Sunday) so I’ll check with them tomorrow. Thanks
  9. Any official word from Ford Corporate about first Lightning deliveries?

    Sorry if I’ve missed the answer, but……. Have any of the trade mags or YouTube reviewers gotten official word from Ford about deliveries? Admin-delete thread if this is redundant.
  10. Owners Manual - Charge Station Pro?

    Is there anything in owners manual about 80 amp charging?
  11. Charging Cable from Charge Station Pro to Lariat ER

    Does anyone know if there is an option for standard 5 pin J1772 instead of 7 pin CCS? I have no plans to back feed DC to my home through the EVSE. The DC current wires are added weight and expense. I would prefer a J1772 connector to the truck and not lug extra weight to charge. If I’ve missed a...
  12. Adler Weiner Research - Online Interview for Lightning - invite

    Has anyone else been contacted by Adler Weiner Research? What are your thoughts?
  13. Time to get serious... Lightning build date (week) projections are coming out.

    Build date (week) projections are coming out. Hopefully Ford will produce firm information about the chargers and the installation process soon.
  14. Wallbox Quasar

    Is anyone familiar with the Wallbox Quasar that allows bidirectional power to and from an EV? From the website (wallbox.com) Quasar is the lightest and smallest DC charger of its kind. Its unique design was created to enhance bidirectional charging and enable easy installation. Allows you to...