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Search results

  1. Lightning Frunk teardown by Munroe Live

    Simple teardown starts with the frunk.
  2. Munroe's F-150 Lightning Underbody Review (Independent Rear, Trailing Arm Suspension, Etc.)

    The detail begins! Undercarriage review of F-150 Lightning
  3. When your Ford Lightning Youtube video goes viral for the wrong reasons:

    Interesting followup to the viral video and how the Lightning was "bad" as touted in many news networks.
  4. Does Lightning Strike for Ford? - Munro Associates Inspection

    Not the full teardown yet - but it is coming.
  5. Ford Lightning Teardown by Munroe and Associates coming in October

    Video from the Detroit Auto show; the interesting bit is that the teardown is coming:
  6. ProPower onboard generator proves useful to Sandy Munro during power outage

    Turns out that the pro-power onboard in the lightning is pretty useful at Munroe and Associates: (You wouldn't want to do this with a ICE vehicle indoors).
  7. What is up with the color options on the Lightning?

    The available colours seem extremely generic. I am surprised there is no Eruption Metallic Green, Cyber Orange Pearl, Grabber Blue Metallic, Beautiful Berry Red Metallic, or Blue Lightning Mettalic - how apropos would THAT colour be? Instead we get Grey. Grey like the various clouds and lack...
  8. Evergreen Ford in Issaquah has it's Mannequin - Rapid Red Lariat

    Looks like it finally arrived, saw it in traffic, and my son was beside himself with wanting to see it, so we had to follow it to the dealer. It is a Lariat in Rapid Red. I did not think I would like that colour, I was wrong. If you have a reservation with Evergreen Ford you can get an...
  9. Charging Curve Posted For 2022 F-150 Lightning

    Kyle uploaded the Curve data he found.
  10. The future of Mods - is it in the GUI eventually?

    I was thinking about the handling of the lightning, and it seemed like adding airbags like the Rivian would be a good idea. As I thought on this more; I thought about the rear locker - it’s controlled through a switch in the GUI. There will come a point in the near future where adding...
  11. Driver Assistance Challenge: Ford F-150 Lightning Takes On The Hogback Driver Test - by OutofSpec

    Nice to see the comparison on the same route to other cars. It did a lot better than I expected it would. I expect this will get a lot of OTA updates in the future. The lack of beeping for some points of control is something that I agree with Kyle, that should be a thing.
  12. From Full Charge to 0%! Ford F-150 Lightning 70-MPH Highway Range Test [OutofSpec Kyle]

    Out of Spec Kyle posted the edited video - not sure where the thread about the stream went, I would have posted this there if I could have found it.
  13. 2023 Apple Carplay will be very different from 2022 Lightning

    Apple talked about some new features coming up for Carplay in 2023 in the WWDC: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2022/06/apples-next-generation-of-carplay-plans-to-take-over-every-screen-in-your-car/ This is going to be a very significant change. If the 2023 Lightning supports this, I suspect a...