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Search results

  1. Will Max Tow Package on Lightning reduce range when NOT towing?

    Anyone have any idea if the Max Tow Package will reduce range while NOT towing? On the ICE models, I think you get a different gearing but with the Lighting, the motors are electric so I assume they are not any different with the Max Tow Package. Any have any better info?
  2. Trim standard vs options

    Any info on what is standard in Lariat vs. Platinum and what is optional? Is the consensus that it will be very similar to the ICE models or quite different?
  3. Water fording depth?

    Has there been any spec on how many inches of water can be forded with the Lightning? I am moving to Texas and there are frequently roads with high water - has Ford put out any spec on this yet?
  4. Why no Limited trim Lightning?

    Does anyone know why there will not be a Lightning with the Limited trim level? Just seems strange to have a flagship product without the highest level trim available.