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  1. Lightning for resale on Cars&Bids

    She is in the 0% for weight in her age group. That is the product of two parents who were both skinny as hell. So you may be on to something. I would use my ruler, but it's only meant for measuring one thing. So the scaling is a bit off :sneaky:
  2. Minnesota Sold- Ford Charge Station Pro

    If you look though, these things are a hell of a deal. A competing 80 amp charger that can back power your home. Those are easily over 2k.
  3. [Another] Ford Charge Station Pro[SOLD]

    Hey, just got this in, but I no longer have my Lightning. Selling for 1100 + shipping. Shipping should be in the 50 to 110$ range depending on how fast you want it. I'm in Eastern Iowa. That is my 8 year old daughter's hand for scale :)
  4. Lightning for resale on Cars&Bids

    This thing is huge, that is my 8 year old daughters hand for scale.
  5. Lightning for resale on Cars&Bids

    Thanks for that link. I just looked at BaT and didn't notice that yesterday. Funny thing is, I just got an email from Ford yesterday saying my expected delivery date has changed. From June 22nd to July 6th. I guess they haven't figured out that they already delivered said truck? Oh and I got...
  6. Lightning for resale on Cars&Bids

    Was super easy. Buyer had his bank wire my bank to pay off the remainder of my loan, then he Paypal 'friends and family' me the remainder of the money. My bank showed my loan paid off before the end of the day. He had a shipper here by noon of the following day. All I did was print off a bill of...
  7. Lightning for resale on Cars&Bids

    Also, the guy that bought it didn't think he would get it for just 100.5k. Everyone guessed around 115 to 120. He seems like a very cool guy and wanted an electric truck to go with the rest of his electric fleet. Glad it went to someone that is going to get a lot of use out of it! Also, his...
  8. Lightning for resale on Cars&Bids

    I'm in Iowa and I pay 6% in sales tax. I also traded in a 60k vehicle and only paid sales tax on the value difference between the two. Think around 1300ish total. I made out ok on the whole thing. Sorry it didn't bring what some of you were hoping it would. I have enough crypto/stock losses to...
  9. Lightning for resale on Cars&Bids

    Yea, someone asked me about that on CarsandBids and I said I really don't know anything about it. Which I don't. I was under the impression you had to hold onto it for the entire tax year to claim the credit. Also, pretty sure I've been told that if I didn't and sold it I could be audited. That...
  10. Lightning for resale on Cars&Bids

    Having an A-10 come in and save your ass, is one of my fondest combat memories. Hearing that BRRRT and then all of a sudden you're not getting shot at anymore was great :)
  11. Lightning for resale on Cars&Bids

    Thank you very much! Sorry to hear that you have dealt with all the same shit. The last IED was the one that got me. Shot me out of a Humvee turret. Took the whole blast shockwave to the face. Luckily all the shrapnel missed me by mm's. Ever since then I've dealt with depression/ptsd. Not one...
  12. Lightning for resale on Cars&Bids

    Thank you, I really appreciate it. I know people are going to automatically assume the worst in others, but I have never taken 'advantage' of anyone and never plan to. It is mentally draining to keep up with all the Trolls and their comments on CarsandBids. They all assume the same as everyone...
  13. Lightning for resale on Cars&Bids

    I shouldn't have to defend myself, but I will anyways. I never intended to sell this. If I did I wouldn't have traded in my Tesla for it. I was not expecting the truck until the end of June or early July, but for some reason Ford thought I should be one of the first to get it. It came in on...
  14. Lightning for resale on Cars&Bids

    That is my truck and not a scalper, farthest thing from it.
  15. Bulletin: Ford Making Up For Charge Station Pro Delay With Incentive/Bonus For Lightning Extended Range Customers (incl. $500 cash)

    Can you wire up a 14-50 outlet somewhere in your garage? The level 1 charger came with that plug. I had a 100 amp circuit put into my garage for my Tesla. I just ripped their charger out and wired up a plug. I'm getting around 20-23 mph with the level 1.
  16. Damaged Lightning Lariat sold, $110,400

    Sad thing is that I may be putting mine up for auction :( Haven't worked since May 19th as I started having lots more difficulties with my injuries from the military. Ended up spending a week in the hospital. I was hoping to be back to work by the 19th of this month, but of course the VA takes...
  17. Concerns about your recently delivered Lightning?

    That is awesome. See you guys figured out the slight turning pressure trick too. I just keep my leg against the bottom of the wheel with a little turning pressure. Otherwise everything is working great. Took a couple of my Vietnam vet uncles out for a ride today. Quite fun in Sport mode with...
  18. Concerns about your recently delivered Lightning?

    Only thing I've noticed is that in order to not get the 'Keep hands on the wheel' when in blue cruise is to always have some slight left or right turning pressure when it wants your hands on the wheel. Even if I'm resting my hands at 10 and 2 I get the damn keep the hands on the wheel. When it...