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  1. Washington 2022 F150 Lightning Pro SR - Antimatter Blue Metallic - Many upgrades/add-ons

    2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SR - $63,000 Bought this from a forum user in Massachusetts and had it shipped to me in Washington. Never planned on ever getting rid of it, especially with how long I sat waiting to place my order after being a day 1 reservation holder and how long I lurked on the...
  2. Changed Pro Seats to XLT Seats by changing OEM seat covers

    I also liked the way the vinyl felt. Just wish they weren’t so ugly and monotone. But very much could be marketed as “pleather” rather than vinyl. They’re soft and nothing like an old vinyl school bus seat. Had they been more appealing to the eye, I wouldn’t have even bothered changing them
  3. Changed Pro Seats to XLT Seats by changing OEM seat covers

    Wish I had even thought of that, but now that they’re in, there is a 0% chance I te-do it to add heated seats. These cloth covers are still slightly less cold than the vinyl in the mornings
  4. Changed Pro Seats to XLT Seats by changing OEM seat covers

    I was worried about airbags too, but not worried enough where I even bothered unhooking the 12v battery before taking the seats out. Just unplug the big connector under the front seat and then the airbag is two small nuts and it’s bolted into the side of the seat cushion. Easy to take off...
  5. Changed Pro Seats to XLT Seats by changing OEM seat covers

    Yeah did it all myself. Was super easy, just time consuming. Did the back seats one day, passenger seat took like 3 hours, but then the drivers seat was much faster since I knew what I was doing. Really just pay attention to how you take the vinyl ones off, and the new covers attach the exact...
  6. Changed Pro Seats to XLT Seats by changing OEM seat covers

    only real "feature" it adds is now I have map pockets on the back of both front seats...
  7. Changed Pro Seats to XLT Seats by changing OEM seat covers

    I know everyone suggested KatSkin, but I always like the OEM look better. So ordered some takeoffs from a 2021 ICE F-150 XLT on eBay (only $135), and swapped the vinyl Pro seat covers. Doesn't look half bad IMO.
  8. Rooftop tent with power?

    That’s the best option, but after spending so much on the truck, I don’t want to spend even more on an external battery. Plus, that defeats some of the elegance and convenience of the pro power in the bed, if you can’t just plug right into it and have to use some external power source
  9. Rooftop tent with power?

    Just super annoying that you have to jump through hoops. Would be nice to just press something in the app and have power without all the extra steps
  10. Rooftop tent with power?

    I haven’t had the opportunity yet but that’s my plan. Only thing that sucks is that without a true “generator” mode, truck has to be on the whole time
  11. Massachusetts 2022 Ford Lightning Pro For Sale $65K

    Gonna go ahead and claim my truck on here now: SOLD! :)
  12. New York Looking for F150 Lightning 18" Rims

    Took me a second…I was wondering when Costco started selling OEM Ford wheels
  13. New York Looking for F150 Lightning 18" Rims

  14. Colorado Key-Code Setup

    Are you able to post the part numbers or a picture to ensure I'm buying what I think I'm buying and confirm fitment?