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Search results

  1. I towed a brick (box trailer) in sub-freezing temperatures and the Lightning did great!

    My normal trailer is an Airstream that we take camping in milder temps, so when I needed to tow this box trailer in cold weather to an area with little charging infrastructure, I paused to do some math. My Airstream gets about 1.2 m/kWh (averaged over about 700 miles of towing in 50-70 degree...
  2. Anyone else have the High Efficiency software power up yet?

    Ford has knocked it out of the park with this one! It almost seems too good to be true😉. Has anyone else seen these hyper efficient EV trip reports?
  3. Did 600 miles towing an Airstream turn my Extended Range into a Standard Range?!

    I've been lurking on this Forum for over a year and I have learned a ton. Thank you to all of the folks who share their knowledge and experiences. I owe the fact that I have a Lightning to this forum. I live in PA and put my reservation in for the Lightning like everyone else. Then I waited...