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  1. Pricing pressure works -- Ford cuts Mach-E pricing! Likely won't hit the Lightning though

  2. Electricity America and overall charging Epic Fail

    Most rave about the Tesla charging network, and I keep seeing allusions to Tesla opening up that network sometime soon. It seems this would solve a lot of the range anxiety. Any guesstimates on how soon, or if, this becomes a reality?
  3. I got my turn to order,... however...

    Then why hasn't the 2023 Order Guide been updated to reflect this?
  4. It's worse - bed camera deleted now

    What further surprises me is that the deletes keep piling up, but no re-adds. You would think that at some point the chips would become available again. Or at least they would put a program in place for those affected to have these options added at a later date.
  5. Could we expect price drop soon?

    Clearly the market is softening quickly. I just got a call from my dealer. He has a Lariat on the lot, configured very similarly to my order, and wanted to offer it to me at MSRP. It has a few more options that raise the price, is a color I don't want, and would be available immediately (I'm...
  6. Could we expect price drop soon?

    All these posts focus on the admittedly extreme price point of the Lariat/Platinum. I'm certainly not defending the prices, but no one has mentioned the costs for a similarly outfitted ICE F-150. I've built an ICE 150 with similar options and features that I'd want in comparison to the...
  7. Anybody MISSING stuff from your build?

    Not sure if it was a change between 2022 and 2023, but this is in the 2023 order guide as Standard Equipment for the Pro, which is also supposed to be included on all higher trim levels.
  8. It's now cheaper to drive a gas vehicle in Massachusetts.

    Another viewpoint https://jalopnik.com/driving-100-miles-in-an-ev-is-now-more-expensive-than-i-1850031874
  9. "Heating Steering Wheel Removal" no longer in order list (Unfortunately just hidden)

    I thought the steering wheel line item was gone too. But not for me. Have you looked at the bottom of the order page? There is a drop down arrow on the right, under the "Vehicle Details" header that is defaulted closed. If I open, it shows there. In my case it is the removal line item and...
  10. It's now cheaper to drive a gas vehicle in Massachusetts.

    I think the days of justifying an EV purchase based on "fuel" savings are numbered. It's only a matter of time before the governments come after EV's in some way to make up for lost gasoline tax revenue, and the added loads on the electric grid will need to be funded somehow. In many places...
  11. 2023MY Lightning Order Invite Wave 7 open

    Completed my order with the dealer today. While the online order system did not show the line items and credits (the saleman tried too), the system the dealers use to finalize the order did.
  12. 2023MY Lightning Order Invite Wave 7 open

    Going through the order process now and wondering if there has been a silent, small, price increase. The base price remains the same (Lariat ER). But the process no longer shows item deletions like heated steering wheel with credit, nor scales, etc.. So, with no credit line, have they...
  13. Winter is over, Summer has arrived!

    Last update I had from Ford was that I'd be able to order in "Early Summer". Just got my email invitation to order. Break out the sun tan lotion! Clearly a lot of reservations are now declining or cancelling. My reservation date was July 25, 2021.
  14. Systems Integration

    If you are intrested in Home Automation, search for "home automation matter". Matter is a long-awaited industry standard, adopted by most of the major players. It's first revision was recently released and many products should start hitting the marketplace with Matter support. Some older devices...
  15. My ordered Lightning is now, unfortunately available for purchase

    Surprised about the $5K over MSRP. I thought the market for over MSRP was pretty much done.
  16. Successfully tested powering my home with 30A ProPower and a generator interlock

    How have you handled the bonded neutral issue? Do your transfer switches also transfer the neutral? If so, I assume your generator is bonded neutral also?
  17. HELP! Dealer wont acknowledge Price Protection + Private Cash Offer

    These never-ending stories of sleezy dealers being sleezy really make me wonder when or if Ford is ever going to follow through on their promises to punish dealers who act this way.
  18. AM radio solution?

    Lots of options listed with a search for "portable am tuner bluetooth". No idea how well their reception would be or how to deal with the interference issues. But if one of them worked, connecting to speakers with bluetooth should be fairly straightforward.
  19. New Electrify America EA Chargers Are Failing in the Cold

    It's a start I suppose. But with only 1 location in the whole state of NH (and over an hour from me), I won't hold my breath for one nearby. It would help if their website included information on plans for future buildout.
  20. Why doesnt the heater work with cabin re-circulation?

    Watch this from 26:30. He makes a comment about the climate control automatically turning on the recirculation. Clearly they are trying to manage this for you and I assume if they turn it on automatically, they turn it off too.