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Search results

  1. Fan and Air Conditioning Controls Are Horrible (and dangerous)

    I hate trying to turn air conditioning on/off with the little tiny virtual button on the bottom 15" screen in my Lariat. Half the time, I miss it and then have to pay more attention to it than I should be while trying to drive in a straight line. The fan setting is even worse, as you have to...
  2. "Charge Station Fault" message when first plug in (ChargePoint Home Flex)

    I have my ChargePoint Flex scheduled to charge from 10PM thru 11AM, and it worked fine for a couple of weeks, but the past few days when I plug in prior to the scheduled time, I immediately get a message on Ford Pass as shown below. If I unplug and replug it seems to be ok, though last night it...
  3. Ford "First Responder Discount"?

    Does anybody know if this is legit? https://www.fordsalutesthosewhoserve.com I found this police union website which also links to the program so it seems like it is legit. https://www.napo.org/membership/ford-rebate-program/ I would trust it more if it used the ford.com URL. Has anybody...
  4. How much do dealers generally require for deposit?

    If I do get to be part of one of the waves, and I order quickly, does anybody know how much a dealer will generally want to take as deposit? $10k? Half of the total? I want to make sure I have the money ready.