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Search results

  1. 180 Mile Real World Winter Range - Lariat ER

    Hello All! Been away from here for a bit, but as I had my first true cold winter road trip (and I'm waiting for an EA stall to open), I wanted to share the experience for others. The colder days of 30-40 degrees were having a noticable impact, with my Guess-o-meter averaging about 220 to 240...
  2. Charging Help - Anyone in North Conway?

    Hello, I am doing a worktrip in North Conway and we carpooled in the Lighting. Amazing vehicle for the trip! But I'm a bit stuck charging and wondering if anyone up here has a place I can plug in with either J1772 or a 14-50 (I have a 40 foot extension + mobile charger). I am not stranded...
  3. Tailgate Extender - Bolt Threads Missing?

    Hello all! Installing the tailgate extender and went to put the bolts in. Well I just realized neither hole had threads! Is there a thread kit? I remember my 2011 I had to buy a specific bolt, but I don't see anything anywhere about that... Part number: SKML3J-99286A40-AA
  4. Lock on walkaway

    Hello all! I am going crazy trying to find the lock on walk away settings. I have gone to the truck a few times now to grab things and realized I was able to get in without the key. At first I thought the key was just close and unlocking, but now I'm realizing it's not locking when I walk away...
  5. Service Expectations

    Yesterday afternoon my truck threw a service light for powertrain issues that I posted on (it since disappeared). I want to start by saying the team was super nice and very interested in the Lightning (she had on on order and had a lot of questions). But I was surprised by a few things when I...
  6. Silly Complaint - No Auto Down/Up Rear Windows

    I had to post this, as it is such a silly complaint. But for this price point, it is crazy the rear windows are not auto down/up, ateast in the Lariat. My base '99 Passat had all 4 auto down/up! /Rant
  7. Dog Mode

    Hello all! Our Lightning is officially signed for and awaiting the recall fix for pickup! Very excited! That being said, in planning a trip this week, we realized how limited the app is now that we are playing with it. I hate to do another Tesla compare, but I have to here... We have two dogs...
  8. Which Floor Mats?

    Hello all! The Tonneau cover, bed extender, and pet hammock. Quote requested for PPF. Realized I left out floor mats. If ound some threads about specific mats, but I wanted to see from owners what mats worked best for them! Thanks in advance.
  9. Can I charge my Model 3 from my Lightning?

    I saw the Car and Driver article about them charging the truck with itself. Thinking on it, that seems to prove you can charge and use ProPower at the same time. Thus, I have been trying to figure out my EV setup, currently I charge with the Tesla TMC at 120v. I drove about 30k miles a year...
  10. Is the F150 Lightning a local commuter (based on real world data)?

    Hello All! We have been excitingly awaiting our Lightning, especially as it has been built for almost a month now! That being said our excitement is starting to ween and turn to serious concern these last few days. The core question - is the lightning ready for a family that takes moderate...
  11. Platinum Vs Lariat - Actual Interior Difference

    Hello all! First post here. Long time F150 fan and EV fan! Been waiting for an EV f150 ever since they announced a partnership with Toyota about 10 years back for a mechanical battery hybrid (remember that!). Still miss my 2011 XLT. Currently drive a Performance Model 3 I have put a bit over...