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Search results

  1. Ford Power-Up 4.1.2 Software OTA Update Pushed!

    I'm also missing the ability to change the car play size on the screen.
  2. Ford Power-Up 4.1.2 Software OTA Update Pushed!

    Mine updated today. No notifications anywhere. Just got in and there it is.
  3. Ford F-150 Lightning reliability - so far (article)

    16k miles and no problems here. Loving it. Except maybe the occasional squeak from the driver's door panel....
  4. Battery and Motor Temperature Dashboard Display Always at Midpoint

    You'll see the battery temp rise in the summer when fast charging.
  5. Maintenance Schedule - 10k service

    14k on my factory tires and they are looking great. I did the 10k service at the dealer. Only issue was they forgot to refill the washer fluid 😂
  6. Tonneau Range Savings? ~10%?

    Having had a Retrax pro MX cover most of the time I've owned the truck I would say I'm not seeing any gains at all.
  7. Lightning's range in cold weather... not very good

    I thought the GOM was very conservative also and pushed my truck to the limit not meaning to. I ran out of juice as I was half way into the garage. I had to plug it up and charge before I could get it all the way in. So I would say it's not that conservative honestly.
  8. New sensation: :NOTHING from the 'gas' pedal : / out of juice!

    I've ran mine past zero twice. First time went about four miles after zero and no issues. Last week the range was reducing quickly approaching home. Turned everything off I could. Went 2 miles past zero and it went dead pulling into the garage. I had to plug it up to get charged enough to finish...
  9. Any Issues With Road Rage or Hecklers?

    You got lucky at that station in Rome. I tried using it several times when I first got my truck and didn't have my pro charger at home yet and it wasn't working. But my experiences are similar to yours being noticed.
  10. Received recall update OTA

    I received this update today. I was hoping it was my PAAK update but alas....
  11. Phone as a Key issue

    I took mine in for service this week and asked if there were any updates. Two showed up. One for bluecruise and one general update. They didn't have time to complete that day and wanted me to schedule a time to come in. They said both updates would take a couple of hours to complete. I asked if...
  12. Planning for Winter

    At what temperature does it really start affecting the range? I'm in Georgia so we don't get a lot of very cold weather.
  13. Regenerative braking seems reduced over the past week

    I also preferred the one pedal driving before the update. Sigh.
  14. 250 mile trip report: Lightning PRO - TOWING 3,000lb Powered Camper...

    My lightning came from the dealer in Ellijay. They have a charger at the dealership if you run low on options. That whole exit is crazy now. There are a ton of new warehouses with more coming. Then last year bucees opened up right across from Loves. I've also discovered that charging is not...
  15. 250 mile trip report: Lightning PRO - TOWING 3,000lb Powered Camper...

    I passed you on highway 53 in Calhoun yesterday afternoon. Although I wasn't in my lightning. Pretty cool to see you towing! I haven't seen many others in the wild yet.
  16. Warning against IR cameras

    I see a lot of posts about dash cams. I guess I've missed out on what the big deal is with them? Anybody care to illuminate my mind?? 😂
  17. On board Navigation really that Bad??

    I think it's fine. I prefer Google maps or Waze but when I'm on a long enough trip to need to charge I like the integration of the Ford nav. It locates chargers for you (I still double check plug share ect) and it gives you how many miles to your destination vs miles of charge left on your...
  18. Any Lightning colors going to be unique or unicorn going from 2022 to 2023 ?

    Loving my smoked quartz with massaging Max recline seats and scales.