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  1. Ford Power-Up 4.1.3 Software OTA Update Pushed video streaming and new games

    I have Lariat. just barely got 4.1.1 this past weekend. I don't think model has much to do with timing. Screen size is just that. the size of the screen. the 'computer' is the same as it is in my wife's Mach-E and my sons ICE F-150 XLT.
  2. Is Ford intentionally choosing not to participate in EV Charger Rebate programs?

    It could be the lack of programability keeping them off the list. Utah is not an EV state, and there isn't much by way of "Green initiatives". You would think our Prepper population would benefit from us being one though. Or at least my fellow cheapskates. I'm honestly not sure what carbon...
  3. Is Ford intentionally choosing not to participate in EV Charger Rebate programs?

    Is Siemens at the core of these Ford Chargers? I expect you may be correct. But why wouldn't Ford be influencing them to do so? You want customers to adopt your new platform, help them in every way you can!
  4. Is Ford intentionally choosing not to participate in EV Charger Rebate programs?

    I just received an email from our local power utility, Rocky Mountain Power. I had inquired as to why the Ford branded charge stations, the 80A FCSP and the 48A FCCS, were not on the approved list for the EV rebate they provide. I further asked if they anticipated that they would be added at a...
  5. Regular maintenance?

    Thanks all for the feedback. I indeed had not thought of tires as maintenance performed at the dealer. 🤦‍♂️ i am curious, has anyone seen data on wear life expectancy on the brakes? My Mach-E seems to use regen so much the brakes seem nearly brand new even after 18 months.
  6. Regular maintenance?

    Is FordPass ignorant or am I? why is it prompting me to to perform 10000 mile service on a lightning. there is no engine oil to change...
  7. 12v Battery disconnect switch installation DIY, with pics

    Wow i'm sorry that you have to do it, but it is a slick fix.
  8. 12v Battery disconnect switch installation DIY, with pics

    So is this really a thing? how often must you disconnect your truck? I hope I am not jinxing anything, but I have had my truck nearly 9 months and never needed to disconnect the battery.
  9. Why does my charger do this?

    About every 2-3 weeks, my charger will end up in this state. It will not charge until I unplug, and replug. However, that is all it takes to 'reset' it. It just started doing this maybe 2 months ago. Has anyone seen this?
  10. Ford Charging SR owners for Backup Power

    At reservation, I was originally going to get an XLT. However come order time last February, I quickly learned there was only about $1k difference between an ER XLT (plus the charge station pro, and the intelligent backup power enablement) and a comparably equipped Lariat that included all...
  11. Third party FCSP plug mount

    Due to proximity of FCSP to the HIS gear, it is not convenient to store the plug with the provided 'holster' on the charger. Has anyone seen any third party options? For now this shop hook works, but i'd much rather have something cleaner and more secure.
  12. PAAK being removed from Extended Range Lariat and Platinum Lightning production!?

    it's great until it doesn't work. PaaK has failed for me in my Lariat ER more than it has ever worked. keys stayed home exactly 1 day.
  13. Lightning's range in cold weather... not very good

    For me it has really been more my climate use. I am typically not a cold person but my wife absolutely is. I wear a coat to the car, and I am ok wearing it in the car. Therefore I use the climate very little. Heated seats for the first few minutes only, that thing gets HOT. I use the heated...
  14. Getting cold feet

    Wow! I'm impressed. Where on this globally warming planet are you still getting gas that cheap? You have a back yard refinery or something? Rough math at what my Eco ICE did on its best mileage ever 18MPG (usual driving got me closer to 16.5 average) puts you at ~$2.57 per gallon. In my...
  15. Getting cold feet

    100% price of fuel for me. Lightning lariat has same overall cost as ICE lariat, 'filling up' at home costs me <$10 for 250 miles of range. In my 2021 ICE lariat that would have been over $100 at todays prices, was closer to $140 when i bought my lightning. factor in the icing on the cake of...
  16. Sync 4A Updates Coming to Mach-E -- Larger Apple CarPlay Android Auto interface, added dial functionality & more

    I have had Mach-E for two years, lightning for 5 months. First year of OTA for Mach-E was a dumpster fire. they broke more things then they fixed or added. be grateful Ford isn't beta testing live lightning's like they did Mustangs. There are far worse things than delayed functionality and...
  17. Are order conversion rates absolutely horrific?

    Wow this thread escalated quickly. Ha ha. I think I'll go ahead and order if they have the ability to build the truck I actually want. Who knows what will happen between now and when it actually arrives. That said, I am a little confused. The email I was sent says I have until December...
  18. Are order conversion rates absolutely horrific?

    I dont recall, did we specify what model we wanted when we reserved? It appears they ramped supply chain to produce/provide significantly more ER batteries than SR, and so the higher trims are more readily available, and the Pro’s appear to be next to non-existant. I suppose thousands of...
  19. Are order conversion rates absolutely horrific?

    I wonder, is any of the deposit refundable after order if you don't end up buying? If so, I personally don't see any reason to not order mine. I can then simply asses the situation/market when it finally arrives. I have one now. I love it and would definitely miss it if it were gone. And...
  20. Are order conversion rates absolutely horrific?

    Not a ZEV state, but I am at the largest dealer in the state so maybe true on allocations. This is really odd. I was 2nd Lightning in Utah back in June, no idea how many there are now. Still haven't seen one though...