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  1. Spec Sheet - Lit Lightning Grille

    Here's the spec sheet on that nifty lit Lightning Grille that was seen at SEMA. No word on if this will ever be available, but it does look pretty cool. https://www.ford.com/cmslibs/content/dam/brand_ford/en_us/brand/shows/sema/pdf/F-150_Lightning_Lit_Grille_Emblem.pdf
  2. 2022 Lightning Platinum XPEL Stealth Wrapped

    UPDATE: decided I unequivocally did not like the smoked light bar at night but still did not love the standard light bar. Did some thinking and decided what I don’t like it how big and “fluorescent tube light-like” it looks. Had my painter strip it down and blacked out all sides except the...
  3. Washington Sold: 80A Charge Station Pro for Sale

    I’ve got the 80A Ford Charge Station Pro that comes with the ER Lightnings. I will not be using this as we already have a charging station in our garage, and I have no need for the backup power system. This retails for $1310 at Ford but is currently out of stock. I’m trying to gauge interest...
  4. Received Ford $500 Gift Card and Extra 250 kWH Charging (as promised for Ford Charging Station Pro delay)

    Ford delivered on the promise of the gift card and the extra charging added to my account. The charger also arrived from Sunrun. So, at least for me, a good story. I’m posting photos of what you get. Not sure if they are extending this past June deliveries, but I took delivery June 18. I...
  5. Glitch on Ford Site 😂

    Received my “your truck is on it’s way” email. Decided to log into my Ford account to check the progress and saw this. I know it’s a glitch, but if a Mach-E shows up I’m gonna have words with someone… we already have one of those! 😂😁
  6. Ford Lightning Ordering Experience Survey

    Ford sent this today to collect feedback about the ordering experience. Very short survey with space to write extensive comments if you choose to. Also asked specifically about dealership and if/why you made contact with them during the process.
  7. F150 Lightning Poll: which trim level are you going to order?

    Some have asked to see a poll with this info. Here ya go! Now vote. Cheers.
  8. F-150 Lightning (in Iced Blue Silver) at Seattle Auto Show

    They weren’t allowing you inside but got to get up close with the real deal. It’s an impressive truck when you finally see it in person. A few things I tried to catch with my pics: 1. The wheel details. I had not noticed the “ridges” in the black part before nor really paid attention to the...
  9. Classic Ford Owners? (Some Lightning Diversion, For Fun)

    Anyone else have a classic Ford? I’m assuming most of us here are car enthusiasts of some sort. I’ll start. I have a first run 1965 (some call it a 64.5 but officially it’s a 65) Mustang. She has all matching body panel numbers. The original paint color (but repainted) of Caspian Blue...