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  1. Generac 6852 Transfer Switch installed (to power my house from the Pro Power 240V plug)

    You could pull 30 continuously so you need to derate the breaker so it needs to be at least 40. The #8 wire is THHN which is rated for a higher temp than romex so #8 is acceptable for 50A. You would need #6 romex.
  2. Got a Lemon.... Make Lemonade?

    I suspected it was Crossroads. Not confirmed but my salesman at Capital told me that Crossroads was not signed up to be an EV dealer under the new Ford dealership model. It seems odd for a dealership that big but it could explain their lack of interest in fixing your truck.
  3. Got a Lemon.... Make Lemonade?

    I see you are in NC. Curious which dealer has your truck for future reference.
  4. Anybody MISSING stuff from your build?

    It’s actually called out on the order guide under standard equipment at the Pro level. It should be on every Lightning. I didn’t fight the cargo net but this is a feature that should definitely be there.
  5. Anybody MISSING stuff from your build?

    Missing the key cylinder on the spare tire lock.
  6. Frunk completely dead

    I have a couple of observations that I haven’t confirmed. One, the frunk button on the hood does not seem to work if the doors are locked. That makes sense if you try to open the frunk but it also seems to disable its ability to close the frunk. In my garage it will close with the button but at...
  7. Tesla CCS

    There’s a 200kW EVGo charger at a Wawa in Norfolk. There are a few other 50kW chargers in the area too.
  8. EA charging problems seriously damaging Ford's image

    I just got back from a trip where I charged 4 times at 3 EA stations and had no problems. Of the 18 dispensers at the 3 locations only one appeared to be offline and I got over 130 kW on each charge. On a previous trip I did end up at a location where 2 of 4 dispensers were down and I had to...
  9. Ideal Charging Practices ?

    The J1772 spec calls for 10,000 mating cycles so once a day for 27 years. My guess is that Ford is making their suppliers provide evidence that the part on the truck is going to meet the spec. The cable on your charger may not meet that but the cable will probably wear out before the connector.
  10. Generac 6852 Transfer Switch installed (to power my house from the Pro Power 240V plug)

    Yes, the conduit gets pretty crowded. Mine was a little tougher since I had to make a couple of turns to get into the wall. If you can make a straight connection it shouldn’t be a problem.
  11. Generac 6852 Transfer Switch installed (to power my house from the Pro Power 240V plug)

    Yes, you can add tandem breakers to increase the number of circuits. It does mean you need to add two wires to the conduit for each additional circuit.
  12. Power Up-4.1.1 OTA software update released

    Installed last night. I received my ‘23 on 11/22 and this is my first update.
  13. Generac 6852 Transfer Switch installed (to power my house from the Pro Power 240V plug)

    Nice! I wish I could have mounted mine in the wall. It would have saved a lot of work.
  14. Generac 6852 Transfer Switch installed (to power my house from the Pro Power 240V plug)

    This past weekend I installed a Generac 6852 transfer switch to power my house from the pro power 240V plug. The 6852 is designed for a bonded neutral generator so it works perfectly with the Lightning. My main electrical panel is at the meter base. In the main panel there are the maximum 6...
  15. Chip deletes - can features be added later?

    I haven’t heard of any Lightnings being delivered without heated mirrors. Mine had the steering wheel and scales deleted but the heated mirrors work.
  16. It seems that Ford is stepping up their anti-aggregation measures on the order tracker...I'm out

    Thanks for all of your work. Ford should be paying you instead of making your life more difficult. You have provided more useful information than Ford and my dealer combined.
  17. Blue Oval Network specifics

    So far I’ve charged 3 times (2 locations) at EA using the Blue Oval network (plug and charge) and I still have the full 250 kWh in my account. If they want to keep giving me free charges I’ll keep using it but if it ever runs out I’ll just use the EA or other network apps.
  18. 🛠 10/24 Lightning Build Week Group (MY2023)

    You can play with the preferences. It allows you to set a preference for fewer long stops or more short ones. You’ll also want to get Plugshare and check that the chargers it is routing you to are up and running.
  19. New Electrify America EA Chargers Are Failing in the Cold

    I watched his update and it definitely looks like it’s the chargers. The good thing is that it is a consistent problem across all of them so it should be easy for them to isolate the source. It doesn’t seem like the main functionality of the charger was affected, just the ability to get past the...
  20. First Lightning Road Trip - from Raleigh, NC to a family get together in Myrtle Beach, SC

    Curious where you charged in Holden. There seems to be a few level 2 chargers near there. The only DC options are the Harley dealer in Shallotte that seems to be broken or the one in Downtown Wilmington. Did you use the one at the Mad Boar on the trip?