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Search results

  1. Northern IL to Florida Panhandle 1,000 mile Trip Report

    EA is installing DCFC in the Champaign Meijer. Hooray!

    Hence electric vehicle. Frunk's for groceries.

    :unsure:Let's either 1. Secure shallow bedload batteries 2. Lift body, add batteries under. 3. DCFC @ every windmill Imagine a crash scenario where you would want a dense material behind or in front of you now going the speed you were, at you.
  4. Life-size Lego Lightning made from 320K pieces 😲

    Perhaps some manipulation: a wrap or a model
  5. How many Lightnings have you seen in the wild?

    Got too close to a B-Truck-plated white Lightning yesterday, sorry! Central IL, near the Rivian plant, I've seen 4 Rivians, 1 Hummer.
  6. Active shutters - are they open all the time or closed ?

    Not to mention, an aftermarket guard or bumper may block front camera, parking sensors, radar, and frunk.
  7. Shifter System Fault -- Truck Undriveable

    This person had the same issue and it turned out to be a faulty 12v battery. https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/shifter-stuck-in-park-shift-system-fault.12526/post-266310
  8. Half a yard 80/20 topsoil

    A dump trailer.
  9. Powertrain Malfunction/ Reduced Power

    Could be a loose 12v battery connection. See the thread?
  10. I can’t this again

    I got this message very soon after getting my truck in December, after some really cold days. It went away after driving more than a half hour. I did not reset the BMS. Research led me to believe it was simply the dealer-undercharged battery struggling in the cold. Also I have since stopped...
  11. Anyone else notice the leather seats in Lariat trim wear poorly?

    I'm curious how many owners put things (like a wallet) in their back pocket.
  12. Northern IL to Florida Panhandle 1,000 mile Trip Report

    Sure would be nice to have a DCFC option in Champaign that isn't Tesla/Tesla-only.
  13. New Frunk in Town- Cybertruck Beta Videoed

    Bad title. There was no frunk moneyshot.
  14. Ford Power-Up 4.2.1 is here

    It should also mention the battery needs topped up. And "trunk"? What trunk? :p