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Search results

  1. Charging confusion

    At the moment I am using our Tesla destination charger for my primary charging. Originally, I saved this charger and put a 90% limit on it. I also put a time range. Neither of these have been followed. It defaults to 100%. Starts charging immediately. I get it that it may start immediately...
  2. Airport runs

    My first airport run is complete. Nice day (70*), a bit windy. As this is my first trip of any length my goal is to test driving "normal". Normal = 80 on the highway with HVAC in auto. Side note: Bluecruise seemed pretty bad at lane keeping at first. It was bouncing side to side in the lane. It...
  3. Charge details?

    Is there someplace on the vehicle or app where I can see charge details beyond “Fast Charging “ while in preogress?
  4. It is sllowwwlllyyy starting to make sense

    I took delivery of my truck on Jan 25 and left the dealership around 1pm. It was a 3 hour process :( I won't go into too much detail on the process, as it has been mentioned elsewhere, but... Go prepared. Have a checklist. Make sure they credit you any deposit you made. Items not included where...
  5. Remote Start & Profile

    I did my first remote start this AM. As I was driving away I noticed all my radio presets were different. I had hoped I got the latest update and it jumbled them (wrong). It was on the "guest" profile, not mine. I don't see where (I presume in the app) to associate my profile with the app. Anyone?
  6. Best Tesla Adapter [looking for feedback]

    I've seen remarks here and there, now looking for real world feedback. I have a Tesla destination charger at home. I'm rather certain I'll need to use it for at least a month. Then I plan to keep it with me just in case. I'd rather not use something that gets hot. Anyhoo...ready....go.
  7. Tesla Destination Charger Use

    We currently have a Tesla and a destination charger. Once the Lightning arrives, we will still have the Tesla and the charger. The charger is on the left side of the garage and oriented toward the back of the Tesla and has the "standard" length cable of about 5 feet. In at least the short...
  8. Tesla Adapter actually included with Lightning?

    Is a Tesla home charger adapter really being included with the latest trucks?
  9. Sitting at the airport, no charger

    Anyone know how much trickle down with the truck can just sitting for about 10 days?