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Search results

  1. PAAK how to provide access for Valet or Service Department?

    I have 10K miles and had driven all the way to Ford dealer (45min) and then realized I don't have a key to give them. What are others doing? is there some kind of trick?
  2. Dear FORD

    Dear @Ford Motor Company , Please give us some hope. Besides PAAK I don't know of any really good feature that is planned to be released. I got the PAAK and love it. But I would really like to see a plan for more highly requested features like: 1. Dashcam recording from cameras 2...
  3. Austin owners

    I have had mine in austin since early June. I have since seen potentially 1 other in the area. 2 sightings but could have been same person. They have the same anti-matter blue lariat like I do.
  4. Anyone tow an Airstream basecamp yet?

    I am really interested to see what efficiency is with the basecamp which should be very aerodynamic.
  5. @ford Wish I could enable the cameras anytime speed drops below 5mph?

    This would help parking. Right now they don’t engage unless proximity sensors see some. another option would be when you put in park? and of course I would love the cameras to record as dash cam and security system.
  6. BlueCruise unstable on curvy roads

    I have noticed several times now that blue cruise can not handle curves very well at all. - Loop 1 in Austin - W 290 in Austin starts bouncing off lane markers and then throws warning. I also notice that on divided multi-lane road it still seems to prefer the right side of lane and not the...
  7. Lightning swag?

    Anyone else notice the lack of swag like shirts hat, etc for the lightning? went to ford website and nothing. tons of bronco stuff but barely anything for lightning
  8. Lightbar only illuminates when I approach vehicle?

    I am curious when is the light bar suppose to illuminate? It only seems to illuminate when I walk up, but then isn’t on when driving. anyone know how to get it to turn on?
  9. How to prevent mobile charger from being stolen?

    While I wait for my Pro Charger to arrive, I had a nema 14-50 installed outside and i am using the mobile charger. but it doesn’t seem like the connector locks at all, and anyone could easily be attracted by the lights and come take it. Anyone have thoughts on how to secure this or at least...